Dark Times Ahead

1 week ago

So the other day CBS ran a promo for a show they have titled the Good Fight that not only features a black character promoting violence for speech you find unacceptable but actually shows clips of Richard Spencer being punched in the face with the suggestion that this is something good a virtuous, that some ideas can only be responded to with violence. Now I’ll have to admit that while this comes as no shock that this is how the authoritarian left feels, I was genuinely surprised to see this so nakedly displayed in a mainstream ad campaign. So surprised in fact that I thought that this clip must have been out of context or poorly edited in some way. Maybe it had slipped past the standards and practices people at CBS somehow, it was just a fluke. If nothing else the legal department would have told them this was a bad idea that Richard Spencer or really anyone on the right who gets assaulted would have grounds to sue CBS.


So I decided to watch the episode of “The Good Fight” that this ad was promoting, and to my surprise, it was far worse than the ad itself could have possibly illustrated. Full disclosure I had never heard of this show before, I try not to concern myself with the leftist vomit that comes out of Hollywood today because the propaganda is so thinly veiled it hardly requires an interpreter to see it. But now I’m starting to question that decision as it appears that nobody has been minding the store, that this wound on our society has just been festering and the infection spreading, and the messaging spinning out of control.

“The Good Fight” seems to be a show about a mostly black left wing social justice law firm, there’s a B story about some kind of class action lawsuit that I’m going to ignore entirely because it’s irrelevant and seems as though you need to be an avid watcher of the show to understand anyway, but the A story is focused on 2 of the black lawyers from the firm who have been sent out to be official polling station observers for the democrats in an election somewhere in flyover country.

They meet their republican counterparts who are of course white, kind of, and the parade of cliches begins.

This slowly escalates and then the white republicans spot a man wearing a marijuana shirt that says when they go low, we go high. The white republicans complain that this is political speech and therefore can’t be allowed at the polling place, the black democrats say that it’s not a campaign slogan and should be allowed. The man in charge sides with the republicans, probably because he’s a white racist, and tells the man he can only vote if he removes his shirt and that’s when we learn this man is an actual Nazi.

Yes, I get that’s it’s a joke but the writers are also trying to establish that you never know who the Nazis are. You might think you know someone, but deep down, they’re a Nazi.

Inexplicably halfway through the show an anti trump cartoon music video just starts playing for no reason at all. Or perhaps the reason is to make sure the lower IQ members of the audience or maybe their children, no for sure that the republicans are bad and the democrats are the heroes, it’s clearly designed for NPCs to consume the same way they would a musical jingle selling them used cars.

Next we see someone who I assume is a mutated version of Richard Spencer combined with the french yellow vest protesters. This man represents what scares the hell out of the globalists elite the most. Right wing whites with access to their audiences with their phones and through platforms like YouTube and the civil disobedience that is not reported AT ALL in mainstream media of the yellow vest protesters in France. The globalists know their audience is too stupid to know anything about either group beyond what they might have seen on the Colbert show or Saturday Night Live so they know they can just cram the two groups together and put a scary mask on it, call it a monster and then as you will see, invite them to kill the monster.

The “red jackets” show up in big scary trucks screaming like hillbillies and waving american flags. Bizaro world Richard Spencer tells his audience with a wink and a nod he’s there to stop voter fraud but clearly he’s there to scare off all the colored people.

So the female black lawyer calls her friend at the law firm, the empowered white feminist with powdered ovaries to tell her that the evil red jackets have arrived and they cook up a plan to dox all the red jackets and make them lose their jobs and bank accounts. I’m not even joking, that’s really what they start doing. They take pictures of these so called red jackets, then send them to the leftist fantasy world version of 4chan, a cute single woman in a coffee shop who is surprisingly not black who then starts to write fake stories on the internet, calling up their employers to get them fired and using their connections with financial institutions to get their bank accounts and credit cards closed.

This is in the fucking show. This is now normalized. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s not extremists on the left trying to not only deplatform whites and take away their right to free speech, they are trying to destroy their lives and they are so proud of what they are doing they are making their imaginary heroes, the role models for legions of NPCs normalize and promote this behavior. They are signalling to the herd that this is the new standard. This is how you react to dissent.

Meanwhile, what does congress do? They hold hearings about the big white menace, sending the exact same signals to the NPCs. but it gets much worse.

So now the news shows up to interview bizarro world Richard Spencer:

“Not all men were created equally”


“Women vote based on emotion”


“Muslims vote for sharia law”

Hard to argue with.

“Blacks are out for blood”

Not the exactly how I or anyone I know would put it, but that’s OK he needs to say that for the story to work and to pretend blacks don’t vote as a monolithic group is completely insane, and quite frankly demonstrated in this show where every single black is a democrat.

Then of course they tell the NPCs to trust the media by calling them objective, only to then follow that with “there’s some people you shouldn’t be objective about.”

Think about that statement: “There are some people you shouldn’t be objective about” and look how easily the woman he talks to agrees with him. One mistake that the right makes over and over and over again is that everyone cares about objective truth. That if you point out the hypocrisy of the left they will suddenly realize the error of their ways and say “gee, I never thought about it like that.” Ben Shapiro is fond of saying that facts don’t care about your feelings but totally ignores the other side of that coin that their feelings don’t care about facts.

Next the cops show up because while doxing the evil red jackets they find out 2 of them are sex offenders because this is the upside down bizaro world where the people who care about western civilization are raping all the kids and not the people destroying it.

Next the black lawyer is washing his hands in the bathroom when bizaro world Richard Spencer comes in. What follows is almost more insane than the promo that led me to watch this not only because of the despicable behavior the writers are attempting to normalize but the complete lack of self awareness on display. The black lawyer, quoting bizaro Richard Spencer says “you said black people are out for blood?”

To which bizaro world Richard Spencer says “if it helps any, given your racial profile and community, you probably can’t help yourself.”

And rather that proving the evil bizaro Richard Spencer, leader of the red jackets wrong, that he can engage in peaceful discorce, he doesn’t resort to violence just because he’s black, he can engage with this man and his ideas in a way that seeks to find understanding, he violently cold cocks him.

And if that wasn’t enough, out of the bathroom stall comes the establishment white republican who makes it clear to any evil white nationalist who might be watching that even the establishment right thinks that this was the appropriate way to respond to words, he tells the black lawyer that he will claim that bizaro Richard Spencer just slipped and fell. The message is clear. The left intends to bring violence to ideas they dont like and the establishment right will play along and even facilitate it.

And the violence isn’t over yet. Outside one of the red vests starts yelling out the reporter because he thinks she’s the one who doxxed him and cost him his job. The female black lawyers tells him it wasn’t the reporter, it was her. And once again we are given the signal that the establishment right agrees with doxxing too when the sort of white republican lady says that no, it was her, she doxed the evil red jackets, followed by the preppy white republican establishment man saying, no it was him. You see, it’s all a united front against the evil nationalist red jackets.

And that is when the riot breaks out. The evil violent red jackets just begin attacking everyone and acting like ANTIFA, which is no coincidence. Even NPCs have likely seen the footage of ANTIFA rioting with their red flags, so why not confuse them with the right. It’s the right that starts riots and hurts people, didnt you know?

And now we get to the clip that was in the promo. In the chaos, the black lawyer who has already sucker punched a man whose ideas he didn’t like, then participated in a coverup of his crime and was complicit in doxxing people, trying to deprive them of their livelihood is now about to deliver a sermon to the NPC audience. He says:

“Is it alright to hit a nazi unprovoked? I was always taught to never throw the first punch, never instigate.  Defend but don’t attack. But then I saw a video of the white nationalist Richard Spencer being punched in the face during an interview and I realized…

Spencer was in a pressed suit, wearing a tie being interviewed like his opinion mattered like it should be considered part of the conversation like Neo Nazism was just one political point of view. And then I realized there’s no better way to show some speech is not equal. Some speech requires a more visceral response. It’s like Overton’s window that’s the term in which ideas are tolerated in public discourse. Well Overton’s window doesn’t mean shit unless it comes with some enforcement so yeah this is enforcement it’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

And there you have it folks. This is the new normal. CBS won’t be deplatformed because the executives that run the platforms and their billionaire backers agree with this message. We all knew this was what they were thinking but now it’s out in the open and the funny thing is the last thing they are worried about, is their speech being responded to by a more visceral reaction.


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