Can Propaganda Be Logos?

2 weeks ago

Something that might surprise you is that while I focus a lot on this channel on the dangers of propaganda, I don’t view propaganda as inherently bad. It’s easy to have that view today when nearly all of the propaganda produced is pure evil and aimed at destroying everything you love, but just like anything else it’s a tool that can be used properly or abused.

We often talk about how at least 80% of the population is made up of NPCs just blindly reacting to stimuli, never thinking for themselves. They are told how to think and their software is updated by the talking heads on TV and on the internet and they go about their business regurgitating talking points and doing what they’re told because as I have covered in other videos it’s a part of their survival strategy to get a long with the group and going against the grain is essentially impossible for them. This is never going to change.

That’s why propaganda is necessary. That’s right, it’s necessary. You might be able to get the number of sentient people a little bit higher with education and cultural reforms, but the vast majority of people are always going to be NPCs no matter what kind of society you have and NPCs require instructions on how and what they should think from outside stimuli. The libertarian idea that we are all free thinking individuals, kings of our own dominion completely separate from the herd applies only to a very small portion of the population, a portion that is vastly outnumbered by the people who generally act as groups and comply with the herd so if you want to prevent these groups from spinning out of control and going over the ledge, taking you with them, propaganda is one of the tools that can be used.

The right has been has been modestly successful with propaganda in recent years and not because they talented manipulators. In fact, compared to leftist memes like big budget Hollywood films, it’s amateur hour, but the reason right wing memes, which are a form of propaganda, seem to be having such an impact is that they often are telling the truth.

The left has been using their propaganda to push the NPCs away from reality for centuries and it’s been wildly successful, but even NPCs have eyes and ears and even if it doesn’t seem like it most of the time, they live on the same planet in the same reality. The more personal experience they have in the real world the more they will obtain a sense of truth and the more they will respond to truth.

The left knows this, which is precisely why they are trying desperately to prevent the NPCs from having contact with the real world. They want them drugged up, watching their propaganda, living vicariously through characters on their screens and interacting with other NPCs in virtual worlds they have created for the NPCs. They want to keep the slaves in their cells, only opening their doors to retrieve packages of new virtual worlds left on their doorsteps by the amazon prime delivery man – who by the way must also be prevented from leaving their cells and entering the real world so they will soon will be replaced with robots and never have interaction with the real world either.

That said, there are still a large number of NPCs that have plenty of exposure to real life and propaganda that promotes truth is going to be more compatible with their existing programming. Positive honest propaganda meant to guide them in the right direction is going to resonate with them because, as E Michael Jones would say, it’s logos. So with this in mind I’d like to take a look at a film that was produced for propaganda purposes but not with the intent to subvert or to destroy the culture and the nation. Propaganda that doesn’t attempt to disguise it’self as something it’s not with a distracting storyline or half naked women or explosions.

Propaganda the left would later dismiss as antiquated and hateful. Propaganda like the 1961 film Boys Beware.

Boys Beware was one of many propaganda films produced by director and close friend of John Wayne’s, Sidney Davis. John Wayne bankrolled the first film made by Davis, “Dangerous Stranger” which was a propaganda film warning children of the dangers of being kidnapped by strangers. The film was shown in schools and by police departments all around the country and lead to several other propaganda films such as VD, the dropout, girls beware, and keep off the grass. Before you laugh and snicker at these films, ask yourself if that attitude towards these films was programmed in you by the bigger budget more subversive and artful leftist propaganda produced in Hollywood. Are they really dangerous scare tactic films or were they useful tools designed to guide society away from real life dangers?

Boys beware opens up with the honest straightforward disclosure that it was produced with the help of the Inglewood Police Department and school district. How many Hollywood films tell you who is behind their messaging?

The film begins with Lt Williams narrating and telling the audience that he’s on his way to speak at a high school. We immediately see how much the trust in society has been eroded when he passes by young boys hitchhiking at the side of the road, something that has become much too dangerous to do in today’s society. Dangers that were just beginning to rear their ugly head in 1961.

Lt Williams begins to tell the tale of Jimmy Barnes, a boy who decided to hitch a ride home. He’s picked up by a man who seems nice enough, but as we will learn, this man is grooming him. The film accurately depicts the tactics of a predator. He has identified Jimmy as a someone who is enough of a loner and in need of companionship that he is easily manipulated into spending time with the predator as the predator, all the while lavishing Jimmy with gifts and praise, slowly introduces and escalates sexual behavior. First with jokes, then with showing jimmy pornography. And there it is, in addition to pointing out that in 1961, going out and shooting riffles was seen as normal as playing mini golf, homosexuality was viewed as a mental illness. Also the narrator calls the illness contagious. Here is where people watching this are going to start screaming that this film is promoting hate, that you can’t catch being gay, but that’s not what the film is saying.

Get ready for an unpopular opinion that I share with the filmmakers that I am going to use, gasp, real world experience to explain, instead of some study because unlike NPCs I trust my eyes and ears over some faceless scientist with an agenda. The film is saying that homosexuality is directly connected to abuse meaning that often childhood abuse leads to adult homosexuality. As someone that has worked in an industry with a high concentration of gay people it has been my experience that this is true. With only 1 exception, Every single gay person I have ever known was not only abused, but they told me about it. Even the ones I didn’t really know that well, it still managed to come up somehow which tells me this was a major event in their lives. Every single one of them except that one exception who, by the way told me that when they were a toddler their mother used to dress them up as a girl and tell all of her friends he was her daughter, so I don’t really think that qualifies as an exception.

Now I’m sure the comment section is going to be filled with people telling me how study X or Y says this or that or that they are gay and they weren’t molested or whatever it doesn’t matter. Without exception, and this includes Milo now that I’m thinking about, without exception every single gay person I have worked with or interacted with and we’re probably talking about a sample size around 100 people or so all them were molested – that doesn’t mean at all that all gay people are abusers by the way, that means most gay people were victims, that’s totally different, and that my personal experience lines up exactly with what was considered common knowledge before our culture was completely hijacked by the people that clearly have a pro-homosexuality agenda that is now going after children tells me all i need to know and fuck your studies.

So back to film, Billy, having been groomed by the older man is molested. By the way, this plays out exactly like the scenarios in the film an open secret. Older gay men grooming young boys with gifts and fame and then sexually assaulting them. This film wasn’t hate speech or some disinformation campaign aimed at demonizing gays and again I’m not saying and neither does the film say that all gays are abusers. This film is considered hateful simply by warning boys that some abusers are gay and it’s not just girls who are victims. This is an extremely important message and this is propaganda that is severely lacking today.

So Billy eventually tells his parents and they go to the police department and the man is arrested, but I also found it interesting that Billy was given probation. That is likely because sodomy was illegal and in 1961 they still enforced these laws that were meant to prevent society from degenerating into this. But now we have freedom, and freedom is good.

The next scenario in film warns about another danger boys face but not from being groomed. In this scenario the sexual predator identifies a loner and it begins much in the same way it did with the groomer, but instead of taking the boy home, he’s never seen again after getting in the man’s car. The trust in the nation was just beginning to crumble in 1961 so while it might seem strange to see all these boys just getting into cars with strange men, that was the kind of country america was in 1961. People trusted each other. They were all part of the same community, the same family.

This fact is reiterated when in the next scenario another boy is coaxed into the car of a stranger and rather than the narrator focusing on avoiding this situation altogether he focuses on how important it is for his friend to get the license plate number of the car, which he does, and the cops save him as a result.

The last scenario warns boys of strange men hanging out in public restrooms, and stay together in groups. All good advice and nothing hateful about it. In fact I’d like you to listen to the closing statement of the film and tell me where the hate is. This film in no way was about demonizing homosexuals, it was about protecting boys from predators and if you listen to this statement and hear hate in Lt Williams words you’re hearing what the leftist programming has told you to hear.

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