Truth or Winning

2 weeks ago

I think it would be fair to say that a lot of people that believed in Trump’s promises have been disappointed lately. If you’re like me then you likely thought Trump would make good on at least some of his big promises to:

Lock her up

Build the wall

Drain the swamp

or at the very least honestly investigate the murder of the man that handed trump the election Seth Rich.

But instead we have a ruling class that seems to be going full steam ahead in the same direction that it would be going if someone like Jeb were elected.

She’s not locked up, she’s doing book tours and interviews. We even had private sector investigators step up and do the job the Trump administration is either unwilling or unable to do in regards to the Clinton Foundation and nobody is locked up. The Awan brothers are off the hook entirely and already memory holed so hard that most people listening to this won’t even know who they are.

The wall isn’t built, in fact now Trump can’t even bring himself to call it wall but instead uses the focus group tested term “physical barrier.” The executive order will be tied up in the courts but even in the best case scenario the wall will amount to some isolated pockets of fencing and Mexico isn’t going to pay for it.

The Swamp isn’t drained, in fact Trump seems quite satisfied with regularly hiring the swamp and then complaining that they don’t do what he wants. Seth Rich has also been memory holed even though if any effort was put into the case at all it would unravel the whole Russiagate nonsense that has been plaguing the administration since day one and yet Trump hasn’t even publicly acknowledged ever that Seth Rich even existed. Not once.

We also have this matter of Trump’s ties with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein,

who only served 13 months for trafficking the rich and powerful to his orgy island for years, had all the records sealed and the FBI investigation shutdown by this guy:

Image result for Alexander Acosta trump

Alexander Acosta, who Trump would later appoint to his cabinet and who is currently serving as trumps labor secretary. This is not draining the swamp.

It all seems so obvious to everyone that has been paying any attention at all that Trump is failing unnecessarily and repeatedly in way that can only be explained in one of three ways.

Image result for trump stupid

Trump really is an incompetent buffoon. He is the character that is depicted on Saturday Night Live, just a hopeless out of touch billionaire boomer who is easily manipulated with compliments and too lazy to check the work of the people he inexplicably chose to advance his agenda, an agenda that seems to be slowly mutating into the garden variety neocon agenda we would have got be electing Jeb. Mutating because he’s just so in over his head that the swamp is running circles around him as he complains on twitter how unfair it all is like a teenage girl getting bullied.


Trump is in on the whole thing. His entire campaign was a sham, a charade. Trump was just a pressure valve that was deployed by the ruling class in response to the growing angst in white middle class america. A shrinking majority in america that simply needed to be pacified a little bit longer until their numbers recede to a more easily managed minority. Trump, in essence is a farmer comforting the herd that is being lead to the slaughter house, singing sweet songs of open plains and green grass so sweetly to the the cattle that they forget that smell of death that fills their nostrils because ruling class can handle the odd maverick here and there but a stampede would put an end to their systematic destruction of our people.

Image result for trump sneaky

The third option is that Trump is compromised. He really meant what he said about deporting illegals, limiting legal immigration, building the wall, locking her up, draining the swamp, delivering us from the false song of globalism. He wasn’t lying when he made his promises, there are just more powerful forces at work that are threatening his family or are otherwise blackmailing him. His hands are tied.

Image result for trump clintons

So which of these realities is true? Could it be a combination of all three? Let’s get back to that in a moment because I think first we need to establish something that will really help people have a better understanding of what’s going on. First and foremost people need to understand that whatever the reason Trump has failed to execute on his promises in any meaningful way the one thing he has succeeded at is highlighting the third world style corruption that is going on in our country.

Image result for trump clintons

Without a doubt it is safe to say that the ruling class is above the law. It doesn’t matter functionally why this is, it just matters that it is. We know that once you are a member of the ruling elite you don’t pay for your crimes. We know this. There is no more justice. We have Comey, Clinton, Lynch, Obama, Holder, Lerner, I could go on for days and we’re talking about traitors and murderers and worse that are all walking around free, no laws apply to them. None. They will never face justice. Ever. And this isn’t anything new, things are so bad that trump won’t even release the JFK files. Imagine how bad things have to be for the cover up of corruption to go all the way back over half a century.  

Image result for trump clintons

Which brings me to a fourth option. Maybe Trump isn’t incompetent, maybe Trump isn’t in on some plan, maybe trump isn’t compromised by and outside force. But maybe the institution itself is so badly corrupted that it just no longer functions, or rather it has a new function. Maybe the system has mutated to serve a different purpose entirely. Maybe the new purpose of the system is to drain the public of resources by any means possible just so long as you keep the people just happy enough to not rebel. Maybe the entire point of the federal government is the same as a pyramid scheme. It exists only to funnel resources up the hierarchy and that it’s become so corrupt that once you reach a certain level in the pyramid you will do anything to protect your place. You will defend the system because you know that the higher up you go the farther you will fall if it comes crashing down. You know that if the people below you come to realize that you are walking on their shoulders they will throw you to the ground.

Image result for trump clintons

What I mean by this is Trump and his family are comfortably positioned at one of the higher places in the pyramid but they know just how rotten the foundation is. They know that they only thing that keeps them in their place in the hierarchy is the illusion that they belong there. If people were to see the rot and the corruption that was propping the Clintons up, they might realize that the system itself was a scam. So in the same way that parents who don’t want their authority questioned or undermined by arguing in front of their children, all interactions of any consequence are handled out of the view of the cattle like you and me and settled out of sight and outside the law and because governing with lies forces more lie to be told to reinforce the old lies and so on and so on eventually everything has become a lie. And by repeatedly elevating these liars and manipulators we further eroding the foundations.

Image result for trump clintons

Think of it this way. When Clinton got a blowjob in the oval office it forced half the country to justify that behavior as normal, completely understandable and acceptable behavior for the person we give the highest office to. And they did justify it and they re-elected Clinton. And just like that the culture was permanently damaged. Being a degenerate was completely acceptable now and before you get all high and mighty, you people on the right, how did you react when Trump was caught having sex with a porn star while his wife and kid were at home and paying her to keep quiet? You defended it. Religious Christians by the tens of thousands defended Trump’s inexcusable behavior because it was more important to win than to be moral and just like that the foundation was eroded just a little bit more, degrading the culture, lowering the bar even further. Trump did that.

Image result for trump stormy

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