Inside The Bird Box

3 months ago

UPDATE: After appearing on Infowars and emailing YouTube several times, it appears as though the video has been reinstated. I have not heard from YouTube so I’m not sure if this is a permanent thing but it seems to be working now.

UPDATE: YouTube has banned my review of “Bird Box” and it can be viewed here on BitChute:

The Left has ruined a particular form of fiction that I used to be be fond of, fiction with the theme of societal collapse. Not only because I think it’s particularly relevant today, but also I think it’s interesting to imagine how different people from different walks of life would react to the existing social structure collapsing suddenly. It’s fascinating to imagine these people forced to work with, and against, each other in an environment that takes away generation wealth and status. It’s also interesting to me how different authors imagine how a collapse might take place. No matter what the catalyst is, zombies, wide spread disease, cataclysmic war. It’s interesting to see how different people imagine the society responding to a crisis, how and why the crisis defeats them, and what the survivors learn from this, and how they go about rebuilding from the ashes of what is left over.

A popular TV show that started out like this, “The Walking Dead,” has become a soap opera. Every character is now engaged in a interracial or LGBTQ+ relationship. The show is no longer about predictions of how society might deal with a zombie invasion, like everything else coming out of Hollywood, it’s just about the leftist agenda.

That’s why I was skeptical when someone told me that I would like the new movie but out by Netflix (the company that has been hard at work normalizing pedophilia), “Bird Box”. I decided to take one for the team and watched it, despite my better judgement. Here is what I learned:

White people are evil and bad and usually trying to kill you. Think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

First off, “Bird Box” is based on a book by Josh Malerman, and I have not read the book so, everything I’m talking about here is only relevant to the movie directed by Susanne Bier,

with a screenplay written by Eric Heisserer.

“Bird Box” starts with some dark creepy shots of a river, we hear a radio transmission with a man talking about a sanctuary of some sort. We get the idea right away that one way or another we are likely in a post apocalypse scenario.

We are introduced to Sandra Bullock’s character, who is sternly lecturing two children about how they must obey her orders to survive the journey they are about to embark on. Based on her language, we gather they are about to travel down the river we were just looking at. She’s very specific about one command in particular: they must never remove their blindfold.

She packs them up, along with some live birds she places in a small box, and then the three of them walk blindfolded to a boat that is waiting for them by the river. The skeletal remains and the scary music playing lets us know that we are most definitely in the post apocalyptic timeline. For some unexplained reason, it appears that they need to hide their eyes with blindfolds in order to protect themselves against whatever is responsible for the devastation around them.

We then flashback to a time before the crisis. Sandra Bullock’s character seems to be an artist. She is painting a multicultural mural of sorts, which in many ways is a metaphor for the rest of the film.

This movie is just as much about race as it is about the apocalypse, an apocalypse which has just begun. According to a news report Sandra Bullock’s character is watching with her sister in Romania, there has been a strange outbreak that is causing people to act psychotic and it is now spreading to the rest of the unsuspecting world.

Apparently this mysterious mass psychosis is causing people to kill themselves and get violent for no reason. In many ways, this is starting out much like many zombies movies do. The infection or the “evil” or whatever it is, is slowly spreading and most people don’t take it seriously until it is too late.

In the meantime we find out Sandra Bullock is pregnant and about to be a single mom. The funny thing about this movie is it reveals how the leftist narrative overpowers every other element of the entertainment they produce. The years of subtly are over, in fact, one of the reasons I tend to dissect older films is it’s not always easy to detect the subtle propaganda. Those days are long gone. There is absolutely no subtly in “Bird Box,” or really any of the movies I’ve watched that have been made in the last 5 years. Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s because they writers, or the audiences, or both, are just stupider that they have gone in this direction. Whatever it is, it really makes watching these movies painful. But, I persevered, so you wouldn’t have to.

Now, Sandra Bullock goes to the doctor with her sister to get a sonogram. Because these are the leftist role models for white women, they talk about getting a bottle of wine to drink after the appointment. That’s right, super pregnant, but wine is way more important than the health of some fetus. Even the doctor makes it seem like no big deal that she’s going to be drinking. I guess everyone having kids with autism isn’t enough. Time to give them fetal alcohol syndrome too.

So, on their way to get their drink on, Sandra Bullock’s character sees a woman freaking out. She puts two and two together and decides that this must be the same psychotic outbreak she saw on TV. She flees with her sister and things quickly turn to chaos around them.

In the chaos, whatever it is that is making people crazy effects Sandra Bullock’s sister and she purposely crashes their car

and then inexplicably steps in front of traffic and dies.

Everyone is killing themselves, or killing other people, or running for their lives.

This is when we meet the first, of many, evil white men.

The funny thing about this guy is he represents the conservative Trump supporter and the filmmakers’ portrayal of this guy is completely unbelievable. It’s clownish and clearly meant for audiences whose only exposure to this group is limited to whatever leftist propaganda has told them about Trump supporters. Even the casting choice, John Malkavich who has always given off a kind of feminine vibe, is ridiculous and unbelievable. He was probably only chosen because he’s bald and it plays into the whole skinhead aesthetic. There is a fair amount of projection on display when they begin to demean his character and it starts right away when, armed with a shotgun, he cowardly runs to safety as his wife goes to save the pregnant Sandra Bullock.

His wife, who is overcome by the mysterious force that is overtaking everyone and kills herself as the evil conservative white husband watches with very little emotion.

But don’t worry gang, a random black guy is here to save the day!

Now, you might think I’m overreacting. What’s wrong with this? The black guy can’t be a good guy and white people cant be cowards? That is not my point at all. I’m absolutely not saying that. The problem is that in this movie it’s not just something that happens to be occurring at this point in the story, this is the story.

This movie is about a single white mother who is confronted endlessly by dangerous evil white men, and repeatedly saved and protected by non whites. It’s piled on so thick that the whole “disaster” aspect of this film is reduced to a subplot or maybe just the setting in which a movie about race is taking place. This is something we are going to see drilled into the viewers heads over and over and over: White people are bad and scary. People of color are reliable, safe, and sexy.

So, now that the evil white Trump supporter guy has let his wife burn herself up as he casually watched, and random black guy has come to the rescue, he now wants to keep them locked out of the house he is hiding in. Lucky for them, however, a gay Asian guy lets them in.

He lets in a very diverse crowd, like the old white cat lady, Hispanic cop that wont take no shit from nobody, obligatory black computer nerd guy, and white drug dealing ANTIFA looking guy. The diverse crowd has one thing in common, they are all wary of the scary conservative Trump guy who is always pacing around with his gun to the sound of scary music.

The group decides that whatever it is that’s making people kill themselves is caused by looking at some kind of evil presence that is flying around and they close all the widows off.

Next, we fast forward to the river scene from the beginning of the film for a quick detour. This timeline is obviously taking place much later and the idea that it is an evil presence responsible for the world ending disaster is reinforced. We also get the impression that Sandra Bullock is carrying the the box of birds because the birds can sense this evil coming. 

Back to the gay Asian guy’s house.

It’s been three days now since the disaster has begun. A voice on the radio tells the group gathered in the home to stay indoors and not to look at the mysterious evil presence that is behind the violent fits plaguing the world. That’s when we learn some more unlikely bad characteristics of the evil Trump supporter. Apparently, he’s the gay Asian guy’s neighbor and he’s been suing him to try to stop the gay Asian from remodeling his house. You know, because right wingers really hate property rights.

At this point, I’m starting to wonder if the writers are intentionally applying random asshole traits to this guy indiscriminately because they don’t care, or because they have zero interaction with people on the right so they are forced to project the kind of asshole things they themselves would do simply out of ignorance. Either way, he’s wholly unpleasant, but in a weird way he’s also, perhaps in some kind of cinematic manifestation of a Freudian slip, the voice of reason in the group. Many of the things the evil Trump supporter is demonized for complaining about are perfectly valid things that are in the interest of the group’s survival. For example, when he says they should be rationing food its portrayed as if he’s the one being unreasonable. The filmmakers frame his concerns as just being a jerk and calling the pregnant lady fat.

Another example of this bizarre demonization of reason takes place when there is a knock at the door and the evil Trump supporter tells the group not to let more people in. This is something, had the group taken his advice, that would have saved many of their lives.

Instead they ignore him because he’s apparently just some fear filled asshole. They don’t just ignore him, Sandra Bullock goes so far to point his own gun at him while the courageous black guy opens the door to let in a morbidly obese woman who will later end up killing most of them.

After that incident, the group decides they need more supplies. The gay Asian guy has the idea to use cameras in place of the naked eye so that they can navigate outdoors without being effected by the mysterious evil presence. His idea is that since they wouldn’t be looking directly at the evil things it would make them immune to whatever it is that is happening to people. This is an idea that, once again, the evil Trump supporting white guy says is a big mistake. The group decides to fuck what he thinks, he’s just an evil white guy, so they do it anyway. 

It kills the gay Asian.

It’s really funny because this is another thing you will see over, and over, again. The evil white Trump supporter guy – By the way, there’s a reason I’m saying he’s a Trump supporter. I’m not just assuming that. The filmmakers make this clear later on the film. – this guy, every time he says “don’t do that, it will kill us.” the filmmakers make it seem as if he’s just being an asshole and the group doesn’t listen. They just go along and do whatever it is he is warning against, and then, someone dies.

This happens over, and over, and they never once say, “Wow, maybe we should listen to this guy!” and it almost seems as if the filmmakers themselves are oblivious to this. The idea that he happens to be right all along is never even touched on, they just move on to demonizing the next thing he is suggesting. They characterize his input as completely immoral and ignore his life saving advice.

Back to the river. This time Sandra Bullock and her kids are attacked by an evil white hillbilly who is possessed by the mysterious evil thing you cant look at. Again, no big deal that the bad guy here is white, but every bad guy is white. Not just white, a walking negative white stereotype. This guy is straight out of the movie “Deliverance” the only way he could be whiter is if they cast a pastey skinned ginger.

Oh, never mind, looks like they did.

Anyhoo, back to the house. probably because they let in a morbidly obese pregnant lady (who will later kill most of them,) they run out of food. They come up with a scheme that would never work in real life to go to the supermarket with blacked out windows using the GPS.

Once there, the evil Trump supporter confirms that he does indeed represent Trump supporters by shouting that they are making the “end of the world great again,”

for absolutely no reason, and of course, to the disgust of the flawless black people who now know for sure that he must be a racist.

Sandra Bullock finds the birds and discovers that birds can sense the evil. She discovers this because the birds go nuts when another evil white guy attacks them.

Luckily, since the Trump guy is once again cowering in fear, even though he has the gun, the flawless, selfless, black computer nerd sacrifices himself and saves the day.

After mourning the loss of the non-evil back guy, they make it back to the house with the food. The evil white Trump supporter guy drinks whiskey with the pregnant Sandra Bullock, who again seems to not be worried about her unborn baby (I seriously wonder why they are pushing this). While it seems like there might be a moment when the characters can connect and the human side to the evil white Trump supporter might be revealed, instead their conversation amounts to her calling him a useless asshole.

Meanwhile, ANTIFA guy and Hispanic girl steal the car.

The group is pissed off that the car is gone but the courageous young black guy and Sandra Bullock get over it long enough to start getting it on.

This is when the morbidly obese pregnant chick decides to just let in some random guy, who as it will turn out, will be an evil white guy.

The evil Trump guy seems to know this was a bad idea and tells them to kick this new guy out.

But once again, he’s just saying that because he’s a piece of shit right winger so the cat lady knocks him out with a frying pan, and they lock him up.

They would rather protect the refugee they just met and know nothing about than listen to the guy who keeps being right about all the bad things trying to kill them.. ….hmn, there’s a metaphor in there somewhere….

So anyway, while the evil white Trump supporter is locked in the garage, both the pregnant women go into labor simultaneously and the cat lady starts to deliver their babies.

This is when the psycho refugee that the Trump supporter warned them about opens the garage door that is protecting the Trump guy from the outside.

He then knocks out black superman and goes upstairs where the women are giving birth.

He kills the cat lady and the morbidly obese lady and while he is about to kill the babies.

The Trump supporter manages to make it back into the house to stop him, but he winds up getting killed too.

Turns out the stupidity of the group finally overwhelmed him. No matter how many warnings he gave them and no matter how much he himself prepared by having the only gun, the bad decisions of the people that outnumbered him were beyond his control and eventually killed him off. Hmn… …i sense another metaphor in there somewhere…..

Anyhow, so now that Trump guy is gone, black superman comes and saves the day.

Everything is fine and happy and very interracial for several moments.

Fast forward five years or so and the kids are grown up. Sandra Bullock is getting it on with the black superman guy on the regular.

The black man on white woman interracial soft core porn that follows has become a cliche in mass media in the past few years while the left tries to force this meme. 

One night the happy couple hears a voice on the radio telling them how to get to a safe space and they decide to go there. But wouldn’t you know it? Before they can leave they are attacked by a gang of evil white people. Every single time right?

It’s important to point something out here. Some people in the movie get sad, or scared, and kill themselves when they see the mysterious evil presence. Some people get murderous, and evil, and kill others. The implication is that it’s the good people that kill themselves while it’s the people that already have evil inside them that think the evil presence is beautiful and decide to start killing.

I only bring this up because isn’t it interesting that the film makers thought that the only people they should cast for the types of people who were already evil were all white?

They are the only ones so evil that their inner evil takes over? In fact, contrast that with the hero of the film, the black superman guy, who in addition to being perfect in literally every way, literally zero character flaws the entire movie, he gets exposed to the evil presence while trying to protect Sandra Bullock and the kids.

Not only does he kill himself, like the good people do, but after he is infected instead of turning evil, he’s actually so flawless that he manages to kill all the evil white people before eventually succumbing to the evil presence and ending his own life.

There’s more to the movie, but it kind of seems like filler. The filmmakers have already made their point. Sandra Bullock and the kids on the river eventually make it to the safe space.

It turns out to be the multicultural wonderland you might expect it would be. Think about it. If all the white people are turning into demons, they aren’t going to be allowed inside the sanctuary. In fact, the only white people that seem to be in the sanctuary are all are physically blind. This of course makes them immune to the demons, even if they were evil.

This movie is straight up anti-white propaganda dressed up as a post apocalypse film. You’re never even told what the “evil presence” is because its doesn’t really matter. It was just an excuse to repeatedly demonize white people while the audience is under the stress induced by the suspenseful scenes. Propaganda makes it’s way into your head much easier when people are in an emotionally heightened state and when adrenaline is pumping. That’s why they charge so much for sportsball ads. It’s in this suggestive state the audience is being told that white people are scary, and want to hurt you, and even if what they are saying seems reasonable, and even if they seem to have a track record for being right, you should ignore what they say because they are dangerous.

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