Is The Clinton Foundation Under Investigation?

3 months ago

Yesterday the american people were supposed to hear from special council Huber and finally see if there was any movement on the Clinton Foundation investigation and just like clockwork NOTHING happened! Perhaps that’s being a tad disingenuous, but I don’t feel that bad considering the federal government is nothing but disingenuous along with these hearings, which are painful to watch and really test your ability to manage your rage when you watch them, that said let’s bread it down.

First of all, and this is a bif first of all, Huber, didn’t even show up. That’s right, the big Huber hearing yesterday, had no Huber. There are several possible reasons for that, not all of them bad, but still, no Huber with an epic indictment of the Clinton foundation like many were predicting.

So who did show up? These 2 guys. These 2 guys are forensic accountants who typically get hired to find abuse in non-profits and 501c3s. They also made sure to mention they were Jesuits, which seems odd unless, well, we’ll get into that some other time. They took advantage of a system the IRS has where essentially if you find out about massive tax fraud, like the kind going on at the Clinton Foundation, and you report it and they collect on those funds, you basically get a cut or a commission on what they collect on. So these 2 figured if they spent the time and did what the government was never going to do and just audited the Clinton Foundation themselves they would find enough tax fraud to make this bounty well worth the time. So that’s what they did. And surprise surprise they found enormous fraud going on at the Clinton Foundation.

So after uncovering all the fraud, they submitted their findings to the IRS and the IRS was supposed to take action on these findings, but of course the ruling class never goes after their own and there is never any punishment when bureaucrats look the other way, so they IRS basically ignored it as soon as they saw the word Clinton and it hasn’t gone anywhere. They also, because of the level of criminal activity they discovered, submitted their findings to the FBI. Now this is where some people get their hopes up, and in fact these 2 guys who could potentially be awarded tens of millions of dollars if action is ever taken, and that’s a low estimate, these 2 guys seem to think there is indeed a real investigation going on at FBI but as you will see, that is not something that is confirmed like so many other people are saying. In fact, there are some indications that if there is an investigation that is ongoing, it’s just barely getting started.

So why do I say that. Well, first of all Huber didn’t even show up to the hearing. The suggestion was made that perhaps it was because there was ongoing investigation that was going on so he couldn’t comment on it, but then later we find that this is just an educated guess being made by these guys. Not saying they are wrong, I hope they’re not, but this is not confirmation of anything. In fact, mark meadows seemed to have a completely different take away. He seemed to think that Huber didn’t show up because this whole time they haven’t been investigating which explained why, even though they had been given the findings of the forensic accountants twice already, that after Huber found out he was going to have to appear in a hearing about it, they called and asked for the data again…. ..something you don’t do if you already have it because it’s been given to you twice already and you’ve been using it in your investigation. In fact he seemed to indicate that Huber wasn’t there because he didn’t want to explain why they hadn’t been investigating, but so much of this is theater, who really knows.

What we did learn, which i  guess is helpful to some extent, are the specifics of some of the crimes of the Clinton Foundation. We discovered, for instance that there is evidence, lots of it, that show that the Clinton Foundation was exactly what everyone thought it was. It was a mechanism for tax fraud and money laundering that the Clintons have been using since they left office. It has existed largely to facilitate bribes from individuals and even nations for pay to play schemes and to hide income streams from other illegal activity. It’s an open and shut case that these 2 guys on their own initiative documented with enough specificity to indict many of the people involved proving what I’ve been saying for years, that any 12 year old with internet access could make a legal case against Hillary that would put her in jail the rest of her life, so now that private citizens have done the job of the corrupt illegitimate federal government, the only thing in the way of justice is the corrupt illegitimate federal government.

And the special council who is supposed to restore our faith in justice? He didn’t show up.

So that is what happened yesterday. Just another drip in the ocean of the Clinton’s and the ruling classes corruption. Another illustration that organizations like the IRS exist to keep people like the Clintons in power and to keep your family from ever being able to threaten their power and authority. Another testament to what we already knew, that the laws don’t seem to apply to certain people and more are more people are waking up to the fact that a government that can’t apply the law equally to all of it’s citizens isn’t a government at all, it’s an enemy of the people.

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