Why They want to Replace You

5 months ago

If you want to understand the ruling class and what they are doing, you can’t view their actions through the prism of personal experience. They don’t think like you, they don’t even feel like you. These are people that make decisions about human lives the same way, and with the same emotional disconnection that you do when you balance your bank account. Human life is a form of currency for the ruling class and they spend it the same way you spend their fiat currency to get the things they want.

Sometimes, believe it or not, this is appropriate. We need people that can operate in this way. We need people to make decisions in times of war without having a mental breakdown. A general might decide that he must sacrifice tens of thousands of lives in order to save hundreds of thousands of others, or maybe even millions, and he must be able to order these tens of thousands of soldiers to their deaths knowing full well they are being sacrificed for the survival of the majority. This kind of sociopathic trait can be a good thing, and has been a necessary feature of great leaders in the past. The problem is we are now in a time where these same personality types, in addition to having no personal remorse for their actions, also face no consequences for themselves or the mistakes that they might make.

Sociopaths might not care about others, but they care very much about themselves, and to some degree their legacy. We are now living in a time when many of the sociopaths in Europe face no consequences to their actions because they face no criticism from the press. Through censorship, propaganda, and collusion, they control what the people are allowed to know about the decisions they are making and the effects those decisions are having on the lives of the people. Without an accurate picture of what is happening as a result of the actions their leaders are taking, the leaders face no danger of being thrown out when they hurt the people. Further exacerbating this is the fact that the public in Europe has been largely disarmed. So even if they were to get an accurate picture of what their leaders were doing, it would be extremely difficult for them to do anything about it. If you add in the component of the surveillance state that exists in Europe as well as America, it becomes even harder for any opposition to organize and challenge the ruling class in any meaningful way.

Another factor that has exacerbated the level of tyranny and has enabled the ruling class to destroy their people in an effort to turn them into nothing more than machinery that provides their luxurious lifestyles, is the loss of religion. In the past, the people that lived in Western countries had a moral code that was maintained and transmitted to each generation, in recent times, using the parables and moral codes outlined in the bible. This moral code not only provided the people a means to self police their behavior in a way that required less intervention from the state, but it also set expectations for their rulers. There was an agreed upon set of values and if the ruling class stepped outside of the boundaries set by the only authority that existed above them, boundaries set by an omnipotent god, the people would demand justice because their rulers had violated the rules of god.

Without god and with the rise of moral relativism, a theology that can be simplified to mean that morality is in the eye of the beholder, there are no global standards of behavior. The ruling class can now justify anything that violates these standards and the public is in no position to feel righteous indignation and has no moral authority over their rulers. Additionally, while the ruling class in modern Western Civilization has hardly been made up of religious zealots or even god fearing people, with the complete removal of god from the equation there is not even the chance that members of the ruling class would hold themselves up to any standard of behavior or believe that there exists any authority above themselves. As far as they are concerned they are god and to many of the people they rule over this is just as true. Without a god in their lives, they too view the state as the next best thing.

It’s important to understand this when examining the actions of the ruling class. They are godless sociopaths, many without children, who care only about fulfilling their own hedonistic desires on a timeline that doesn’t extend beyond their years on this earth. As long as they can maintain their lifestyle during their lifetimes, that is all that matters to them.

Now I’d like you to use this mindset of the ruling class to examine why they would want to flood their countries with people from the third world. Not just the invasion of Europe from Muslim countries, but also the invasion of the United States and Canada from people in the third world.

They have no reason to preserve the culture because it is not their culture. The ruling class has its own culture. The rulers in America live the same way that the rulers in third world countries live. You might even say that the rulers in places like Saudi Arabia and even in African countries live better than the rulers in the Western world.

Ah, now we are getting somewhere.

Imagine you are the ruler of a people that do have a strong moral code. They have a culture that despises corruption in their government. They have a culture, even if it’s removed from reality, that expects a lot out of their leaders. They have a culture, again, even if its not anchored by reality, that tells them that their rulers are no better than they are, that they themselves as citizens can run for office and participate in the ruling process. They have a culture of gun ownership should the ruling class make the mistake of pushing the people too far too fast, they have a culture that tells them in these times they must violently remove a tyrannical ruling class. Many of these citizens still believe in universal values and in god, and to the consternation of the ruling class it just so happens that these people are the same people that typically hold on to their right to bear arms.

Additionally they have a higher IQ than the countries in the third world. This makes them harder to deceive and harder to keep them in captivity. The citizens of western countries, in short, are historically the hardest people to oppress and to rule over.

Understanding all this, put yourself into the shoes of one of these members of the ruling class. What are some things you could do to improve your lifestyle. Imagine that you see the rulers of other nations and the way they live. Wouldn’t you want your country to be more like theirs? Wouldn’t you want to have the same freedoms that they enjoy? Wouldn’t you want to secure your power as they have?

The math is pretty simple. If you want to increase your power and your wealth and your lifestyle, you simply need to alter the population of your country to more closely resemble the populations of more oppressive governments and that is exactly what they are doing.

We’ve talked about some of the things that make the citizens of western civilization difficult to manage, but there are several things that make them easy to control as well. These religious gun owners are often sympathetic to the people who have the misfortune of living under these other more oppressive regimes. They have an natural inclination to want to help these people. The ruling class simply has to exploit these feelings of compassion and tell the public that this isn’t about replacing them. It’s about helping those less fortunate. Another attribute of these otherwise difficult to manage citizens is their humility. They are loath to take pride in the accomplishments of their people. They judge everyone individually which can be problematic at times for the ruling class, but can be easily exploited when it comes to their demographic replacement plans. It’s easy to convince these humble empathetic citizens that their culture and certainly their genetics, have nothing to do with their success. That there is something special about the state or the geography that explains their prosperity and by withholding access to this government and superior land, they are keeping their ill gained treasure from the impoverished people around the world.

Sociopaths, both in the micro and the macro are experts at using what is good about people against them. They play on your empathy and use it as a weakness because they see it as exactly that, which is what makes them sociopaths in the first place. They don’t care about your standard of living or how much you will be forced to sacrifice it to improve the standard of living of the population they wish to replace you with, because your not really sacrificing your lifestyle to improve the lifestyle of the people less fortunate. You are sacrificing your birthright and the future of your children so that the ruling class can improve their not just their lifestyle, but also their access to power.

This is difficult for many people to hear. Unlike the ruling class, the average person doesn’t think in terms of populations because the largest number of people they have to manage are the members of their families or maybe a few employees. The ruling class knows this, the exploit the people that are charitable in their personal lives, the people that are so eager and willing to give the poor the shirt off their back they fail to see that the consequence of this charitable act is having on a massive scale.

For decades upon decades the ruling class has been chipping away at the pride that these citizens have in their accomplishments of their ancestors all the while brow beating them with all the negative aspects of their history. They have eroded the culture so much that they are close to getting what they’ve always wanted. They have created a situation where this culture of freedom and universal values is easy to replace because we are nearing the time where there is no culture left to preserve.

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