Selling Divorce to the West

6 months ago

One of the frustrating things about trying to figure out when western civilization began to disintegrate in high gear is that you can’t just look at a graph and see it happen.

US Divorce Rates

Oh, wait, never mind, looks like you can. And who would have thought it would have happened during the the most romanticized decade of the last century, a time that boomers everywhere still can’t stop talking about and some still think they live in, the degenerate 60s. When I first saw this scary graph that I was shocked to see that there was one that looked almost exactly like it in every English speaking western country. How could that be? How could every English speaking country simultaneously experience a shift in culture as dramatic as this. This was way before the internet and most people never left the country unless they were being sent by the globalists to go die somewhere like Korea or Vietnam. So how was this cultural shift taking place in tandem like this?

England Divorce Rates

Candadian Divorce Rates

Australia Divorce Rates

New Zealand Divorce Rates

One thing these english speaking countries have in common is they were all bombarded with hollywood movies glamorizing infidelity, swinging, and divorce for a decade straight right before the uptick in divorce rates took place, movie after movie treated marriage as some kind of outdated ritual reserved for suckers and squares. I tried to identify just one culturally significant film that might have had the biggest impact but really it seemed as if half the movies made in the 60s were in one way or another outright promoting divorce. It was an avalanche of non-stop degeneracy.

If we start in 1960, there was “The Apartment” directed by Billy Wilder that won best picture. “The Apartment“  is about a low level employee who lends out his apartment to the married men in upper management so that they can cheat on their wives in the city. The affair is very nonchalant and and the idea that any of the men should be ashamed for cheating on their wife or the women for sleeping with a married man never even enters the film, not once. It’s all just a big joke.


The decade is filled with movie after movie where marriage is cheapened and divorce is as casual as changing jobs.

In 1965, a film out of the UK that was nominated for best picture, “Darling” directed by John Schlesinger is listed as a comedy but too be honest it was just 2 straight hours of horrifying degeneracy. I was genuinely shocked that this film was made so long ago, billed as a comedy, and nominated for best picture.

Both main characters in “Darling” cheat on their respective spouses right after meeting each other. The two then decide to divorce their spouses and remarry each other, but then the films main character, probably the prototype of the strong independent woman, goes onto to sleep with almost everyone she can. She goes to parties where among her rich friends are adorable sex crazed homosexuals who try to purchase underage African sex slaves. She travels to France with a man she is cheating on her husband with and goes to cross dressing drug fueled sex parties that will give you nightmares.

Then, after her new husband finally throws her out she romps around Italy with her bi-sexual friend, has sex with some more random people and then after the obligatory shot at Christianity, her character ends up marrying a prince. But don’t worry, she’s not really happy in her mansion with the literal prince, so it’s ok. I’m sure she and the audience will learn the right moral lesson here. If you treat marriage vows as merely suggestions and the rest of the world as a sexual playground, you might get stuck in a big empty house with servants and a prince that doesn’t quite live up to your standards.


In 1967, right before the divorce rate really skyrocketed, Hollywood decided to stop beating around the bush and made a film called “Divorce American Style” Directed by Bud Yorkin. In “Divorce, American Style” they decided to cast Dick Van Dyke who the world knew as the all American husband from the Dick Van Dyke show just a decade prior. I grew up watching re-runs of the Dick Van Dyke show, where he played a responsible father who provided for his child and homemaking wife Mary Tyler Moore. But now in an apparent effort to destroy this example of a happy family, the film opens with a scene where all the men are coming home from the office and we see that that happy home depicted in the Dick Van Dyke show was all just a sham. In reality, every couple is angry and bitter and only pretending to be happy when they have guests over.

After a trivial fight with his wife, Dick Van Dyke’s character meets with a friend at a bar. His friend, after discovering that he’s only had sex with his wife and has never cheated, gets him liquored up and takes him to a prostitute, because hey, everyone does it. Dick Van Dyke’s character refuses and goes home and tells his wife. His wife overreacts, freaks out and the next day is calling a divorce lawyer.

The dark aspect of this film is not only the glib way in which they depict divorced men being financially ruined by their ex wives. One of the characters has even resorted to bringing men over to his ex wife’s home to try to get her married off so he can stop paying alimony – oh and by the way, it’s not her fault, it’s his fault for having been such a good provider for her when they were married, but it’s the way in which they depict the effect on children as actually being positive. Children love divorce! If anything it just makes your family bigger and more fun with everyone’s ex spouses and current spouses, all financially relying on the men of course, as getting along great. It’s all just a big hilarious joke guys!

After all the ex spouses are coupled up in new happy relationships, they meet up at a bar where Dick Van Dyke’s now ex wife is hypnotized by some new age boomer shit and discovers that who she really loves is her ex husband. He was her real true love the whole time and right then and there, having learned how quirky and fun divorce can be, they go home as if nothing has ever happened, you know, like all divorced couples do.

These are just a handful of the many films in the 1960’s that normalized and even glamorized divorce and given that we have the statistics I think we can finally answer when it comes to Hollywood. That their “art” is not imitating life, but instead American’s lives and lives of English speaking countries everywhere wound up imitating their “art”.

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