Here’s The Thing About QAnon

12 months ago

If you follow my channel you might have noticed that I never talk about Q-anon, there are several reasons for this but I think now is a good time to begin discussing some of those reasons.

If you don’t know who Q-anon is, it’s easy to find out there are tons of videos and entire channels dedicated to Q. Thousands of dollars in merchandise being made off people that follow Q and have become in some ways evangelists or missionaries for Q. I don’t want to spend too much time on specifics because so for those who don’t know, Q is the name used by a person, or perhaps even a group of people, who post cryptic messages anonymously online and claim to be a high level insider that is releasing information to the public. This information paints a picture of events in the past and world view of the present.

A world view where the Deep State, or the establishment is made up of criminals, even satanic individuals that have been getting away with unspeakable crimes in America and abroad for at least decades. In this way, Q describes the world as it is, a world that after eons of elevating the most brutal among us in a system that allows wealth to be transferred from one generation to the next so that inevitably it concentrates in certain families and creates an advantaged upper class that feeds on the general population who largely lives in a type of modern feudalism. We are slaves that work for an elite class that discovered long ago that the slaves wont revolt if you keep them fat, stupid, and in debt.

If you give them the illusion of choice with elections where both candidates are bought and paid for wealthy families. If you control and mutilate the culture through the media and academia run by these same families. If you control the monetary system and keep everyone working on the plantation by keeping them in perpetual debt to these families who only had money to lend because they were born with that money. That really the formula for controlling people is very simple, we see it all around the world. The tragedy is people can always spot the tyranny and the deception in other countries, but they never want to believe it’s happening to them. They want to think that their country is the exception. That the people of North Korea for example all believe that their ruler is literally a divine god, and even the more mainstream Chinese have a heavily censored internet and limited freedoms controlled by a de facto dictator, but Americans are way too smart for that. And it’s because of this naive belief that Americans have lost control of their government to these criminals and live in a world of lies. This is the world view of Q and quite frankly it’s the bitter truth that everyone who bothers to explore the world around them beyond what their television is telling them discovers.

Q puts a lot of focus on accepting these things and altering your worldview so that you can see behind the curtain. This is what Q has called the great awakening. Essentially a process where the american people must take the red pill and wake up from their slumber and face these cold hard truths, something i very much agree with, but this is not why I haven’t talked about Q.

I haven’t talked about Q because of the second part to Q’s story. The part of the story where Q, after with at least some accuracy describes the situation we are in, presents the idea that everything is about to change. That, for lack of a better term, the good guys within the system who saw the rot and the evil joined forces with Donald Trump in an effort to take back control of the country and to finally exact justice on the psychopathic despots that have for so long sucked the blood of our people and sold us out and every opportunity.

That there would be “no deals” and that everyone from Obama to the Awan brothers would be rotting in prison, specifically Guantanamo bay, for the rest of their days. That the swamp would be drained, the corruption would be amputated and the republic would be restored. That we should trust Jeff Sessions because he is working behind the scenes with people like Director Wray to accomplish all this, and that all we have to do is spread the word and prepare all the normies for the utter shit storm that will take place when they finally start arresting people.

This is a version of reality that is very appealing. A version of reality that finally brings justice to an unjust world. A version of reality that finally justifies the physical, social and economical costs that everyone in this country who has been fighting against tyranny or even just voted for Donald Trump has faced. Costs that i’m intimately familiar with. It is a fulfillment of the fantasies of everyone who ever chanted “lock her up” at a trump rally, something else i am intimately familiar with.

The problem isn’t that I don’t want this to be true. The problem is the damage that will occur if it proves not to be. Many of you know how hard it is to wake people, I have dedicated the last few years of my life to redpilling people and it is the hardest thing I have ever undertaken. It’s not easy to break the conditioning for a variety of reasons that we don’t need to get into, and most of us would be lying if we said that we don’t sometimes look back fondly on the days before we took the red or the black pill, ignorance is bliss. The knowledge of how bad things really are is a burden and its a burden that most people would rather not have. That’s the weird glitch in human nature that makes us so easy to control because at the end of the day it’s just easier to be told what to think and what to do.

My concern with this Q phenomenon is that should it ever be proven that it’s a hoax, and there are already some cracks in the wall, people will then throw the baby out with the bath water. The will reject everything they learned as a result of following Q. They will feel used and stupid. People hate to feel stupid, in fact thats why so many people are attracted to Q in the first place. Q makes them feel smart, makes them feel like they are privy to some secret knowledge that not everyone knows. Of course the irony is that Q isn’t a secret and that the deep state has internet access just like you, something that escapes some people I have found.

The other thing that concerns me about Q is how Q is basically telling you not to trust one group of elites but that you should completely trust this other group of elites. That you shouldn’t make any plans or even have discussions on what to do if this secret group of good guys fail, that it’s just some forgone conclusion that everything is going to be OK, so just sit back and do nothing. Not only that, Q has said more than once that even if everything works out, the full truth will never get out to the public. That somehow the slaves are too stupid to handle the truth, which by the way is another dog whistle that if you follow Q you aren’t stupid, you are special, you have been selected to have this knowledge. Presuming Q is real and this is a real plan. That the truth will never be revealed, then the plan is to protect the guilty parties and their families while at the same time damn us and our children to repeat the same steps that led to our current victimization because we’re too stupid to deserve the truth.

I don’t want to get into the details of Q or why you believe it’s true. The fact of the matter is, if any of the so called proof that Q has provided conclusively proved Q’s identity as an insider than there would be no reason to stay anonymous. What would be the point? Think about what I just said. If there is conclusive proof of Q’s identity on the internet right now, that would meet the standard of proof for a court of law, what would be the point of staying anonymous?

So to reiterate, I want the version of reality that Q puts forth to be real. Like many of you I want it more than anything. Which is exactly why we must question it and be careful not to fall for the trap of confirmation bias. It’s even more important that we think about the consequences of it being false and what to do if it is. Putting all your eggs in one basket is insane and I feel like there are a lot of people out there that are doing exactly that.

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