Are You Ready for Civil War?

9 months ago

As tensions grow in the united states it’s becoming more obvious why the left has been feverishly attempting to disarm the right year after year, false flag after false flag. But something that often goes unnoticed is the subtle ridicule and demonization of people that have been preparing for what seems now to be an inevitable conflict between the left and the right, the demonization of people that many call preppers.

The reason the left doesn’t want you to have guns might be obvious, but why wouldn’t they want you to have food, water and shelter for your family? And no, it’s not what you might think. It’s not as much that they want you ill prepared or unable to survive an armed conflict as it is that they know that if you are not prepared for a situation like this that you will be afraid of initiating a conflict or even supporting those that might. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, or even if you have thousands of dollars in the bank but no tangible resources, you rely on the system to survive so you will actively defend against threats to the system. And Obviously if you are on government assistance and unwilling to work for a living you certainly aren’t going to want to fight for a living.

I have mentioned in previous videos that things will get much worse before they get better but I don’t think everyone fully grasps what that means. If the current situation devolves into an actual civil war parts of the country will be without food, without water, without power, without the internet, without phone service, without law enforcement. If you’re in an urban area and you are not prepared to deal with ALL of these situations then its basically a death sentence for you and your family. Let’s talk about some basics because quite frankly I think do so might save some lives.

First let’s talk about water. Water is actually more important than food. You will die of thirst before you die of starvation and most people in urban areas don’t even think about how there are not adequate sources of water if the local municipal water became unavailable. While you can survive on less, a good rule of thumb when calculating how much water you need to be on the safe side is a gallon a day per person. This can obviously become a difficult proposition for people with limited space so in addition to storing whatever water you can it’s a good idea to research local water sources and to be prepared to purify any water you might harvest from the environment.

The next thing is food. Survival food is actually pretty inexpensive these days. If you have the money you can spring for freeze dried gourmet meals and if not you can stock up on high calorie canned food. My personal favorite is peanut butter which is a pretty good survival food with a high calorie count and decent shelf life. I think the mormons have the right idea when it comes to having at least a year supply of food for each member of the family and If you want to be prepared for a long term situation, seeds are cheap and if kept properly last pretty much forever so it’s a good idea to have some on hand.

The next thing and arguably the most important thing is ammunition. If you wait for a situation where you need more ammunition to get more ammunition you have waited too long. And without ammunition you might as well not have food and water because people with ammunition will be able to take whatever they want from you. The question of what types of firearms you should have depends on your personal situation but I think it’s a good idea that everyone have at least 1 rifle, a .22 caliber does not count, a shotgun, and a handgun per person. The amount of ammunition you need also depends on your personal situation but I think a good rule of thumbs is to always have more than you can carry.

Next, and probably the most overlooked thing you need is a means to communicate. Many of you listening to this have never lived in a world without the internet and assume that it will always be there. This is a pretty big assumption considering how vulnerable the internet is to both physical and digital attacks. If the internet can go out because of a thunderstorm you better believe it can go out because of a civil war. This applies to our digital telephone networks as well. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for you to right now familiarize yourself with alternative communications methods like amatuer or ham radio or at the very least citizen band or CB radio. Good coms are vital. If you don’t have the money or the ability to invest in 2 way communications you should at bare minimum pickup one of the many cheap solar and crank powered shortwave emergency radios you can buy almost anywhere. Which leads me to the next item on the list and that is power

Power could become just as nonexistent as the internet just as fast. Solving the electricity problem can be extremely complicated depending on your environment and your needs. As far as long term solutions I think solar is the most viable option for most people. Solar panels are silent, require little to no maintenance, and most importantly don’t require fuel.

Speaking of fuel, let’s talk about Transportation. Again, this depends completely on where you need to go and what you need to take with you. If you want to get out of the city, can you make it to where you are going on one tank? Do you have enough stored fuel in case gas becomes unavailable? Being stranded at the side of the road halfway to your cabin might be worse than staying in the city. What about alternative transportation that doesn’t require fuel like a bike? Would you be able to make it where you are going with everything you need to bring with you on a bike? These are all questions you should have answers for before there is an emergency.

Last but certainly not least is medical considerations. Not only should you have a standard first aid kit but if its a civil war situation we are preparing for we should also have the means to treat gunshot wounds. Not just the medical equipment but the medical know how in the form of printed books. I don’t recommend any combat medic book in particular there are several available but limited or no access to emergency services and hospitals is something you should definitely think about.

And now that we have gone over some of the basics and please comment below whatever you think should be added to this list let me just say i don’t think it’s time to panic. That’s why we are talking about all this now. If it was time to panic the grocery store shelves and gun stores would be empty. It’s always good practice to buy the insurance policy before your house is on fire and right now our neighbors to the left are playing with matches.

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