The YouTube Shooter, When Censorship Kills

1 year ago

It’s interesting to see how quickly deep state propaganda will memory hole any story that doesn’t fit their agenda which is exactly why the Las Vegas shooting has all but disappeared from the minds of Americans and why the shooting at Youtube Headquarters will be forgotten within a week. Because not only does this tragedy not fit the narrative it seems to run counter to nearly every single one of the media’s talking points when it comes to gun violence while at the same time bringing up other issues they’d rather not talk about like immigration and the out of control censorship on youtube. In terms of disasters to exploit, there’s really nothing for them to work with, and while this won’t stop the more cringy leftists from doing their damndest to use this as an opportunity to virtue signal, they really can’t discuss the event too long before a lot of uncomfortable facts start to pop up.

By now you’ve probably heard of Nasime Ahgdam, the 39 year old Iranian woman who allegedly opened fire at Youtube headquarters.
When the shooting was first reported there were accounts of a man wearing full body armor just shooting people, but I haven’t been able to find anything on that other than just this Whatsapp chat that got tweeted:

In the absence of anything more at the time being, let’s go ahead and analyze the official story.

Nasime Ahgdam was a youtuber that seemingly out of rage over her videos being demonetized, went to Youtube and opened fired at employees at random. I found posts on social media and her website that go back to 2016 where she claims that Youtube was suppressing her videos and a screenshot where she claims that she is only receiving 10 cents for 300,000 views after the changes that youtube made in response to what they perceived as the right leveraging the youtube platform to help get Donald Trump elected. But really It’s because it gives people like me an even playing field with the deep-state so they’ve tried to make it so we can’t afford to keep making content.

At any rate, right out of the gate with the official story we have several problems for the anti0gun crowd. She’s not a white male as several people on twitter were saying immediately after the incident was reported. She’s an immigrant, and she’s a woman, so the caricature of the maga hat wearing redneck that the left has been painting in the imaginations of their followers suffers a blow and you could also make the argument that it calls into question of the assimilation of immigrants from the middle east. and To make matters worse, she didn’t use an AR-15, the favorite boogey man of the anti-gun left, but instead used a 9mm handgun so there’s nothing for them to latch onto there.

If we dig deeper into Nasime Ahgdam, we discover she was extremely active on social media. I was able to back up most of her content before all of her social media accounts were wiped from the internet, something I thought was a little bit strange by the way. I would still disagree with that decision even if it were some form of terrorist propaganda but that’s not what it was at all. Her content can only be described as bizarre, hours and hours of vegan extremism complete with the kind of brutal imagery you often see put out by groups like PETA. but also videos where she appears to be attacking American pop culture in videos she labels “parodys”.


The consistent thread in all over her photos and hours of video is that her facial expression never ever changes and she always speaks with the same motionless monotone voice whether she’s speaking english of farsi. I’m sure people will have lots of theories on that but the only thing I think that can definitively be said is that there seems to be ample evidence that she was in one way or another mentally ill. Something her parents must have known, which leads to yet another reason why her story will disappear from the media and be sent down the memory hole to join all the other events that don’t line up with the version of reality they are trying to sell you.

Nasime’s parents had reported her missing to police. In fact they even told police that she was extremely angry with Youtube and was likely going to their headquarters, and the really damning part of all this is that police found her sleeping in her car the night before the shooting. We don’t know all the details yet, but just like the shooting in Parkland it appears as though law enforcement once again knew in advance and did nothing.

So the story of Nasime Ahgdam, an Iranian Immigrant Vegan Youtuber who made bizarre content for sure but like other bizarre content on youtube still had an audience, was pushed over the edge by youtube’s Orwellian and sometimes sadistic censorship and demonetization policies, was let go by police in a state that pretends mental illness doesn’t exist who knew she might be a threat and allowed to shoot up Youtube’s headquarters, and then commit suicide. The only way they can spin this to their advantage, and perhaps this is what we’ll see, is they could twist this to bolster their attempts at silencing gun related speech, and you could say that this could be used to get the employees at youtube fully behind the anti-gun agenda. Otherwise, assuming some new information about this so called body armor wearing shooter doesn’t come out, or maybe some surprising aspect to Nasime Ahdam that hasn’t been discovered, she will be forgotten. Youtube erased her from their platform just moments after learning her identity, quickly followed by facebook and instagram. I’m confident this will not have what may have been the intended effect and that is to get Youtube to rethink their policies. If anything it will do the opposite. In fact one frightening detail that people seem to have missed was this little exchange on ABC news where they talk about how Twitter and other social media outlets were deleting users posts

This is the darkest kind of irony imaginable, but should tell you something about the direction that these companies are going in. Silicon valley in their arrogance forgot that the information flows in both directions and now they are trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle and events like this are only going to strengthen that resolve.

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