Luke Skywalker Wants Your Guns

1 year ago

Why would authoritarians like to see you playing around with Star Wars toys, permanently stuck in a juvenile state of mind indulging fantasy over reality? Why does the left promote dressing up like fictional characters and pretending to do battle with plastic toy weapons in a state of arrested development while warning of the dangers of responsibly handling real weapons?  I think the answer is pretty obvious. I also think it’s time some people start reevaluating their priorities and stop playing with dolls. It’s time to be men.

Americans have been watching and some have even been cheering as their rights are eroded by authoritarian monsters that (until recently) had complete control of the narrative. Now with the internet their vapid bumper sticker positions have been struggling to coexist in the market of ideas. However, do not underestimate the power that centuries of experience in controlling populations grants them or the vast amounts of money they can divert towards endless platforms to spread their propaganda. Platforms that will not censor them like they censor us.

The second amendment is under attack by people with almost endless money. People that have complete control over everything from the entertainment industry to the monetary system. A system that provides infinite funding for think tanks, researchers, focus groups, writers, marketing, and celebrities. They can afford any venue they want, produce hordes of their followers who sold their dignity out long ago who now sell out their fellow countrymen for a paycheck, a bus ticket, or 15 minutes of fame. Even Mark Hamill is jumping on the gun grab bandwagon:

If you are buying Star Wars merchandise of any kind, you are officially funding the opposition. It’s not any more complicated than that and if you can’t control the urge to own a death star waffle iron I really hope you’re one of the first to go when the revolution comes. Which you probably will be if you’re trying to defend your family with a lightsaber dildo.

These masters of language have come up with such terms as “pro-choice” to mask abortion, “undocumented guests” to shield illegal aliens, and their current target “assault rifles” and “gun reform” to camouflage their dismantling of the second amendment. As with all of their newspeak it’s an inversion of reality. There is no choice for the unborn or for fathers, the invading aliens were never invited guests, and the “assault” they speak of is the assault on our rights that these weapons are meant to protect us from.

Because they must disguise their true intentions, there is no substance to their arguments. they are forced to pervert reality for their deception to work. For example, Any time a leftist suggest they respect the intent of the founding fathers you know whatever is about to follow will be mutilation of reality. They say the founders only had muskets and could not have envisioned modern weaponry so therefore the right to bear arms doesn’t apply. What logically follows of course is that the founders could not have imagined the internet, so the first amendment should only apply unless you are writing on parchment or speaking face to face. Even in this they are inconsistent in their reasoning because they don’t even pretend protected speech under those primitive circumstances. In fact, if society were to buy into this line of thinking the next logical step would be to enact common sense speech control on the kinds of speech the founders could not have envisioned.

They will also say that nobody needs an AR-15 for home defense, which again is a perversion of reality because a home invasion is not the circumstance that these weapons are intended for. These weapons are to protect society from enemies both foreign and domestic. Do not accept the premiss that these weapons are for personal home defense against common criminals. The left has been extremely successful at shifting this goal post and manipulating people into thinking that that is the purpose of the second amendment. The second amendment was written by men that had recently defeated a tyrannical government and established their own free society and these men desired that the citizens of this new society have the means to follow their example should it once again become necessary to protect themselves from common criminals that conspire to rule them.

When confronted with this the leftist will respond “that’s preposterous! your rifle is no match for the US military! You wouldn’t stand chance!” and like everything the leftist proposes, this is a distorted reality that ignores vast amounts of historical evidence. Do you think the Vietcong would have been as effective against the US military had they been armed with muskets? Or what about the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan that are still fighting our military armed with similar weapons in a conflict spanning nearly 20 years now. Ask any soldier that has fought in an urban environment how effective these weapons can be.

There are those of you that will say that the left just wants reasonable restrictions on so called assault rifles, a term that is impossible to define and that they don’t want to take your guns. Not only does that ignore the words of the activists themselves, this also ignores how the left operates. They are effective because they employ subtlety. They are political con men and a con man doesn’t need to use force when they can convince you to hand over everything they want willingly. They wear down the public little by little and by the time the public realizes they’ve been had its already too late. That’s how a con works. When income tax was first enacted it only affected people making over $250,000 in today’s money, and the rate was only 1% but little by little they kept on taking until we ended up with oppressive tax code we have today. Watershed moments are unpredictable and have radical effects on society when the people let their guard down. How quickly americans have forgotten that when Obama ran for president in 2008 he said that marriage was between a man and a woman and by the time he left office we were arguing over what bathrooms people could use.

Do not underestimate the enemies of freedom. There is a method to their madness. Which is exactly why they are seeking to sabotage your last defense against it. Which is also why it’s not enough to simply voice support for your right, you must be proactive and exercise it. It is your civic duty and obligation to arm yourself and your loved ones. If you simply support your rights with words you are relying on others to protect your family which is not only foolish, but it’s imoral. As a man once famously said, this country was founded by dangerous men, and the moment we cease to be a country of dangerous men is the moment we cease to be a country.

We live in a world where monsters are real and mind control doesn’t require using the force. Its time that our men grow up and help us defend that world instead of living in a fantasy designed to distract you while the real monsters lay siege to our rights and the future of our children.


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