YouTube is Being Sued for Being Anti-White

2 weeks ago

According to a lawsuit filed recently, YouTube has been directing recruiters not to hire white people. It’s rumored that this isn’t anything new in silicone valley and I doubt anyone watching this is surprised to hear that this was an official policy. The left has been letting their anti white racism hang out in the open for quite some time now so I would think it was safe to assume that the racism behind closed doors would be more intensely practiced than it already is in the open.

But let’s be honest, this was easy to predict considering that we’ve had government sanctioned anti white laws for decades. One of my first redpills was when I picked up a pamphlet in my high school guidance counselor’s office that was advertising opportunities to work for the federal government fighting what they termed cyber crime, which sounded exciting because i was a nerd and a patriot and the idea of being an ethical hacker sounded fun. Keep in mind this was before Snowden or even the patriot act so you’ll have to forgive me my naïveté. I opened the pamphlet and I’ll never forget the first words I read. It left such an impression I’m reasonably sure this is word for word. It said “the NSA has many exciting opportunities in the world of tech, especially if you’re a woman or a minority.”

My first thought was, well fuck you too. My second thought was I didn’t know a single woman or minority that even knew how to use a computer. I’m not trying to be funny here, at the time everyone I knew how to competently operate a computer was a nerdy white male and so to see the NSA attempt to discourage that demographic in the name of diversity was pretty eye opening.

And don’t tell me in the comments how your black friend was a computer hacker in the late 90s, I’m sure there are exceptions that prove the rule, but anyone who attended the first defcon conferences knows exactly how much diversity among the gifted tech nerds in the early days of the internet and it had nothing to do with evil white supremacists jealously guarding their keyboards.

But if “diversity” which has always been an anti-white code word, has become more important than skill perhaps we are seeing the beginning of the end of these tech giants. Maybe we’ll see something akin to what happened in Haiti when they decided to murder all the white people. Maybe google will become a shithole company. The market might work its magic on google much like it would an NBA team that decided to only hire quadriplegic eskimos.

It might take awhile for the giant to fall, they have a monopoly. But even a monopoly can’t survive being openly hostile to the majority of its users, while engaging in openly racist hiring practices. I’m already exploring alternatives, as are other youtubers. I hope this lawsuit and the lawsuit filed by James Damore will be the wake up call that big tech needs but I’m not holding my breath. The left has become an anti white movement and the left has taken over big tech. The only whites that are even tolerated by the left are those that advocate for their own exclusion or those that seek the status of second class citizens.

Maybe that’s because they also know what happened in Haiti and what is beginning to happen in South Africa. Maybe that’s the future they see in this country and their beta genetics are just reacting to the threat the only way they know how, by submitting.

But I know there are many of us out there that are tired of being blamed for sins we’ve never committed. Tired of the practitioners of institutionalized racism projecting their guilt onto the heirs of this once great nation whose culture they seek to destroy with reckless abandon. Remember the left always projects it’s crimes onto its opponents, so what does it really mean when they label us supremacists.