The REAL reason the UK banned Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone

2 weeks ago

Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner and now Lauren Southern have been detained by the UK government until they can be deported and many are pointing out the insanity in the UK that has lead to a government and a population that refuses to throw said government out, probably because they already gave up their guns, that bans conservatives from entering their police state but welcomes hordes of random Muslim immigrants and then covers it up when they start raping everyone.

At first I was just as livid as everyone else, and even embarrassed that the land of my ancestors has become so absolutely hellbent on becoming an Orwellian caricature, a fucking joke country. A country whose best and brightest fled to America long ago to escape this madness while causing the British empire to collapse into itself like a dying star. A process that was accelerated by uncontrolled mass migration of low iq populations and the implementation of thought crime laws.

But then, I finally understood. It completely makes sense when you do the math. It was recently reported that the largest rape gang was in Telford where thousands of girls were discovered to have been raped. If we crunch the numbers for telford based on the 2011 census there are approximately 28,000 people aged 5 to 18, and around 14,000 of those would be female.

It’s estimated between 1000 and 2000 girls were raped and/or abducted by immigrant gangs.

This means 10-20% of the girls in Telford were raped by immigrants.

So maybe, just maybe the UK is finally afraid of immigrants. Or maybe, since we know that can’t be possible, the more likely scenario is they are afraid that if Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone enter the UK, they will get raped.

So fear not citizens of the world, this is just another case of the British government doing what’s best protect its people from themselves. Everyone wins, Brittany and Lauren are safe from the rapey immigrants and sensitive minds of the brain drained island, not even a shadow of its former greatness will be safe from the dangerous ideas of the conservatives.