The Day Liberty Died

12 months ago

I often talk about government schools and the deep state media rewriting history so that the American public doesn’t understand where the true power lies. For if you can identify that power you will also be able to study it and confront it. It’s also no secret that history is written by the winners. So armed with that knowledge i’d like you to examine a moment in history that when written at first in the mockingbird media New York times on the day it happened, was a complete fabrication. lies that would be regurgitated and retold in books and television programs for decades. Lies written by the winners in an unprovoked armed conflict involving the united states and a country in the middle east. Not Iraq, not Iran or even Saudi Arabia but attack perpetrated by Israel unprovoked on an unarmed naval ship in international waters that claimed the lives of 34 American citizens and wounded another 171.

The attack on the USS Liberty, on June 8th 1967. The USS Liberty was a naval intelligence ship monitoring the war brewing between Israel and Egypt. Surviving crew members who would be threatened into silence for decades now recall a clear sunny day with anger and confusion. at 10:30 am that morning an Israeli recon plane, that had made visual contact and circled the vessel earlier in the day along with several others beginning around 8:00 am. made visual contact again. the pilot circled so close that Crew Member Larry Weaver was able to wave and recalls the pilot waving back and smiling. And despite the lies of both Israelis and Americans for the decades that followed, we now know positively thanks to recordings released that the Israelis had identified the USS Liberty as American.

The crew felt comfortable in the knowledge that Israelis were aware of their location in the dangerous region and able to identify them. Which is probably why they were so bewildered when on that sunny day they saw the unexplainable. 3 hours later As the sailors sunbathed on the deck of the USS Liberty, 2 unmarked Israel fighters launched missiles directly at them without warning. But that wouldn’t be the end of the attack. The Israelis jets began strafing the deck with machine-guns as the crew of the Liberty ran for cover.

The Liberty quickly attempted to radio for help but found that in addition to the damage done to their antenna that their radio transmissions had been jammed.

This was no mistaken identity. The Israelis knew exactly who they were attacking and declassified documents now show that the order came from top. After the initial assault the pilots ask permission to unleash a new weapon on the Liberty.

Already in flames from exploded fuel drums, the deck covered in blood, the liberty with its communications jammed and distress channels jammed in violation of international law, the Israeli pilots radioed back to the tower.

Incredibly, the order to napalm the ship was given. Remember, at this time, and ever since, Israel was considered our ally. While the Liberty burned with napalm, 2 Israeli war boats approached and discussed with the pilots who should finish her off.

Several torpedos were launched, one found it’s mark instantly killing 25 American crew members in an instant. The ship was severely disabled but the crew was trapped. When the Americans attempted to abandon ship the Israeli naval ships opened fire on the lifeboats with 50 caliber machine guns.

With body parts strewn all over the deck and blood streaming down the bulkheads of the wounded Liberty, The Israeli torpedo boats circled its prey firing armor piercing projectiles into her hull killing and wounding nearly 2 thirds of the Americans onboard.

During the assault One of the surviving marines was able to wire a makeshift antenna and get a mayday message out to a nearby American fleet. The Israelis, having intercepted the message and fearing Americans were sending out fighters to respond, summoned the American naval attaché and claimed they had made a mistake. Word traveled fast as President Johnson himself personally demanded that the fighters be recalled.

To this day this was the worst attack on a US naval vessel since world war 2 and the response from the Americans was to cover it up. The mockingbird bird media barely mentioned the attack, calling it a friendly fire incident. Documents recently acquired through the freedom of information act show that the Johnson administration discussed sinking the liberty so it couldn’t be photographed. Survivors and the families were threatened. NSA agents and guards camped out at their homes to ensure the press blackout. Israel hired journalists to plant pro Israel stories in the media and threatened to accuse anyone who leaked the story of the Liberty with cries of anti-semitism and blood libel.

Inquiry was shut down, testimony erased. For decades those involved in the Johnson administration and the Israelis lied about the incident. Nobody ever asked why Israel would attack an American ship with unmarked jets and jam it’s communications. They never asked why they went to extreme measures to make sure there were no survivors on a ship they knew with certainty belonged to an ally. Something that only seems to make sense if Israel intended to blame the attack on someone else. Had the liberty not been able to get its transmission successfully out to the American fleet would the attack have been blamed on the Egyptians? Would the Americans have been dragged into another war to fight at the side of those who attacked us?

Once again now that enough time has passed to ensure that nobody will pay for their crimes the truth finally comes out and the guilty parties are all pleased at the complete absence of a reaction from the American people.
Because after all, History is written by the victors, and if there’s anything that’s as clear as that morning in 1967, Liberty never had a chance.

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