The Big Waco Lie

1 year ago

YouTube has de-listed my Waco video. I have uploaded it to some alternatives:



You may have seen Waco the recent mini series depicting the siege on David Koresh and the branch Dividians in Waco Texas in 1993, I’ve heard people praising the mini series for supposedly exposing the ATF and the FBI for its excessive force and the malpractice that lead to the deaths of over 75 people, 25 of whom were children, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the mini series is a complete white washing of the government sanctioned mass murder that occurred in Waco. Propaganda that seeks to exonerate the people at the top while explaining away the corruption as the work of a few cartoonish bad apples and outright lies about the assault itself and it completely omits the coverup that took place afterwards. It’s a rewriting of history and quite frankly it parallels what’s happening today with the corruption of our federal law enforcement being portrayed in the media as just a few bad apples acting on their own, while the administration is portrayed as clueless of their rogue activities, complete with congressional hearings put on for the public that never lead to any consequences. In other words, it was really good propaganda pice for intellectually lazy citizens of our current police state.

So let’s dissect lies. One of the aspects that makes this propaganda so effective is that they make David Koresh a relatable character. To build credibility with the audience, the propagandists have largely abandoned the distorted view of Koresh that was crafted by the federal government and the mockingbird media in the 90s, the pedophile that thought he was Jesus that Americans were told about is portrayed more realistically as an actual human, maybe for the first time ever in mainstream media. I understand the need to dramatize things and truncate actual events into the time available for a miniseries so I don’t really take issue too much with how Koresh and the branch Dividians were portrayed in the first few episodes.

What I do take issue with is how the federal government is portrayed. Again, the people behind the miniseries, who most likely received government approval for their script, try to gain the trust of the audience by showing us the incompetent bureaucrats at the ATF hopelessly screwing up an unnecessary raid they had intended to put on as a show for the news cameras to justify or increase their budgets . The miniseries goes even further by showing the audience that the ATF shot first, murdering several of the branch Dividians and then lying to the public about it.

Again, to be effective they have to give you a little taste of the truth so you believe them when the lies come. Now the first big lie needs development. in the Show Waco After the ATF has made a complete mess of the situation by storming the branch Dividian church unannounced with guns blazing taking the lives of several of its members, the FBI swoops in and we are introduced to the hostage negotiator with a heart of gold in contrast to the evil militant FBI agent that is almost never seen without his tactical gear. Most of the series focuses on the hostage negotiators efforts to reason with the branch dividians all the while the militant villain FBI agent is insistent on using force. Eventually the militant FBI agent wins the battle of wills and I’m willing to excuse the inaccurate  details of this characterization for the purpose of story telling, but here come the big lies.

While they admit that the president is being kept apprised of the situation in Waco they conspicuously never mention that president is president Clinton. They then insert a scene where the bad FBI agents go to a woman who they never name but who is obviously Janet Reno, Clinton’s attorney general, and they trick her into approving their evil plan to use force. Just like today when the media tells us that peter Strzok and macabre, and all the other bad apples were working right under Obama’s nose and they tricked him and the FISA judge into spying on trump. You see, the ruling class in America is never held responsible. Ever. And this miniseries covers up the Clinton administration involvement just as dutifully as if it were produced by CNN.

But thats not the most egregious lie. The biggest lie is the attack on the compound itself. And there is no excuse for this because we have video evidence of exactly what happened. In the miniseries Waco after the bad FBI agents send the nice negotiator home, they decide to pump tear gas into the compound. The damage to the building traps the branch Dividians inside and the bad FBI agents start to panic when they see that nobody is leaving the buildings. Because after all, they weren’t monsters, they were just misguided and used excessive force out of frustration. In this scene we see the militant fbi villain brought to tears when he realizes what has gone wrong after valiantly rushing into to try to save the suffocating branch Dividians.

This disgusting lie is what they need you to believe. They need you to believe that overly aggressive but basically good people got carried away, lied to the attorney general so the president, who will remain nameless, would sign off on a poorly thought out but well meaning plan and things got out of hand and it was all a big accident.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

For starters, bill Clinton closely watched and to some extent orchestrated the invasion in Waco, the siege had gone on for over 50 days on national television, the compound itself was a treasure trove of damaging evidence that would implicate the federal government in the murders of several of the innocent church members. Clinton needed a decisive win. In fact, sources close to Clinton have since revealed that Janet Reno was reappointed as attorney general for taking the fall for the attack in Waco. And by taking the fall, I mean nothing ever happened to her. No prosecution or discipline, just a little bad press, because the ruling class is never held to account.

So what exactly was this plan? As it happens, infrared or fleer footage from helicopter mounted cameras show that the FBI possibly with the help of members of delta force opened fire on the compound during the assault killing those that tried to flee the flames. Flames that they ignited as you can clearly see in this footage. The fleer footage and forensic evidence shows branch dividians were run over by tanks. Tanks that knocked down walls, and pumped the compound full of flammable gas while flash bang grenades were thrown into the gas filled building as well as what appears to be other incendiary devices used to start the fire. It is illegal for the government to use military force agains civilians without authorization from congress, but President Clinton illegally authorized the use of delta force, who are likely the individuals seen exiting this Bradley tank and opening fire on the branch dravidians attempting to escape. They may also be the individuals seen firing into the compound from this helicopter and were undoubtedly the team used to place and detonate this explosive located above the room where the women and children were located trying to escape the flames and smoke.

The federal government at the highest levels wanted these citizens dead and the evidence destroyed and they murdered these innocent people on live television as fake news CNN lied to the public over and over and over again about what was really transpiring. At no point did they have an epiphany and rush into the flames only to face the error of their ways. They summarily executed these people and then destroyed the evidence.

This is how the deep state re-writes history. As the murderers involved live out the rest of their lives on comfortable government pensions never facing any consequences, this is the new fiction the public is fed.

The Waco miniseries ends with the nice guy hostage negotiator being called to testify but that’s where it ends. It fades to black. we never see the hearings. The hearings where Chuck Schumer, yes the same Chuck Schumer,  in full deep state coverup mode defends the ATF and FBI and lies about David Koresh and the branch Dividians in front of the families of the dead and the few survivors that escaped the murderous FBI and ATF.

There is also no mention of Vince Foster’s involvement or how files on Waco were removed from his office the night of his suspicious death.

Instead, Waco is expertly crafted propaganda designed to protect the ruling class by lying about their involvement and the deep state by minimizing the horrors and the brutality of the acts of war the federal government perpetrated on its own people. It’s a stunning example of how the elites in Hollywood are joined at the hip with the deep state and how they take advantage of the American people’s ignorance. The similarities between this deception and the media’s current portrayal of the present is all too illustrative of the complete disregard the elites have for rule of law and human life.

Your life doesn’t matter now, just as the branch dravidians lives didn’t matter then. And should you find yourself in the way of these sociopaths, these are the clever lies they will tell a disengaged and gullible public until people wake up and hold them to account.

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