Devon Stack: Are You Afraid To Win?

1 year ago

We’ve seen it time and time again. Violence and discrimination against patriots and we always say the same thing: “just imagine if the perpetrator had been a trump supporter and the victim was on the Left” or “ just imagine if it were Muslims that twitter was silencing or Jews who’s channels were banned on YouTube.” or hispanics that were beaten in the streets for their ideology” and then, smug in our righteous indignation we cary on as if nothing happened until inevitably we are victimized again and again and again. Each time repeating the same ineffectual mantras of “what if”.
It’s the same suicidal tendencies that have allowed us to be seduced into accepting mass migrations from the 3rd world, chipping away at our western societies. Societies that are being replaced by bastardized versions born of the decaying remnants of those our forefathers fought and died for and the cultures that the invaders have brought with them. In response we are often heard remarking in the same ineffectual fashion “what if I illegally moved to Mexico waved the American flag while demanding in English that the Mexican people paid my way, or what if I moved to a Muslim country and demanded they make accommodations for my Christian faith, what would happen to me?” As if stating the obvious was an effective tactic.
We all know what would happen. We all nod our heads in satisfaction and then promptly allow the injustice to continue.
It seems puzzling and more than just a bit frustrating. Are we so afraid of retaliation? Why do we accept the idea that we can’t defend ourselves in the same manner that other groups do? Why do we bow down to the unspoken prohibition to band together and protect our interests when groups like ANTIFA,  La Raza, CAIR, the ADL or the Black Lives Matter operate in the open and are even celebrated? Some people think its fear, but they are only half right. You see, they think the fear is the fear of being called a racist or the fear of being painted as a bigot but that can no longer be. We all know we are way beyond that point. In this “new normal” we are ordained racist at birth, a label so frequently applied that it has become synonymous or even a code word for our movement. We have become numb to this discrimination it can’t possibly be the source of fear that is so great that it drives us to suicide. No, but there is a fear. A paralyzing fear. In our DNA there is a knowledge. A knowledge that underneath all those centuries of civilization and enlightenment , in the dark corners of that creative mind that gave the world the lightbulb, the automobile and the internet lies a cunning precise kind of savagery that when unleashed it devastates and scars the earth. Fire and fury.
you see, its not fear of our enemies that inspires our meekness, but rather the fear of what we’re capable of doing to them. A fear that originated as a cautious, perhaps even honorable restraint of our unholy wrath. A discipline that has devolved into a smug self satisfying foolhardy kind of empathy. A sympathetic condescension that is so closely related to hubris that it reaps the same tragic results.
For just as hubris strikes down those who overestimate themselves, this cowardly sanctimony punishes those that underestimate their enemies.
And it is cowardice. There is no honor in losing. It’s time to be honest with ourselves and own the failure to preserve our nations and our cultures. Because just like any degenerate addict, a growing percentage of our ranks i might add, you can’t address the problem until you admit that the problem exists and take responsibility for it.
Where were you when the enemy became so confident that it moved from the shadows into plain sight? Slowly at first, preying on your compassion and vanity spreading like a cancer pushing us closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. Openly ridiculing our values, our heritage and our god.
Where were you when they hijacked education? A system focused on poisoning our legacy and erasing our history. Did you prevent the monolithic evangelists of marxism or were you so eager to ensure their survival that you took on decades of debt so that they could flourish?
How many times have you funded their propaganda? How many of their most effective influencers have you made rich? Purchasing tickets to bread circus distractions from the reality that they dangled in front of you to pacify you like an infant.
The enemy is no longer at the gates, they live among us and have subverted our institutions at the highest levels. There is no help coming. There are no reinforcements. This is up to us to win this battle and learn from our enemies. They would do and have done whatever it takes to win. Don’t hand them this victory. Cease the whimpering that leads to extinction. It’s time to stop acting like the schoolyard weakling that too late imagines all the things they could have done or said after a humiliating defeat. It’s time we wake up and acknowledge what we all know deep down in that portion of our souls that lies sleeping beneath the warm blanket of civilization and let our enemies know that we aren’t just willing to fight, we are willing to win.

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