1 year ago

The real meaning of the name Antifa is not Anti-Fascist. Well it is, but there is more to it. It is intended to evoke the sound of “Intifada“.

There have been many movements/revolts that have been called by this name, the two most well known are probably the two Palestinian intifadas usually just referred to as the First Intifada (1987-1993) and the Second Intifiada aka the Aqsa Intifada (2000-2005).

The “Arab Spring” as whole was referred to as “The Intifada” in the Arab world, as was the Tunisian Revolt, 2011 Yemeni Revolt, Egyptian revolution of 2011, and the 2011-13 Sudanese Revolt. These are among the more recent events to bear the name intifada.

Branding is important. In previous western demonstrations and protests we have seen the anonymous mask, which became a mainstay of such movements.

(A very very different movement, the Tea Party, had a very recognizable brand, basically resembling a 4th of July parade with 1776 cosplayers.)

The American Intifada follows a different brand of fashion, it has a different style. It basically has the same style as the Islamic revolutionary movements. This is a huge tell.

When you protest you are role-playing. When you dress up or put on a mask, you are role-playing. If you dress up with an anonymous mask you are ultimately role-playing as a character from “V for Vendetta”.

What the American Intifada is doing is this: Role-playing as ISIS. They are visually trying to resemble ISIS so that the cosplayers who dress this way can think and act like the thing they are dressed up as.

The majority of people involved in the American Intifada are not Muslims, and the movement is undoubtedly Soros-funded. We should not mistake them for an actual Islamic movement, but their methods and style are the same.

The significance of this will probably become more clear to us as time goes on.

In Short: The Antifa is not inspired by the earlier western / US protest movements like say Occupy Wall Street, as regards its methods and brand.

Rather it takes its cues from the middle eastern Intifada movements.

Antifa wants the people in their movement to dress and (thereby be more likely to) act like ISIS and other middle-eastern protest groups like the First and Second Palestinian Intifada.