Will Kevin O’Leary Make Canada Great Again?

2 years ago

“2019 is not an election, it is an exorcism” – Kevin O’Leary


After the sobering realisation that a grave mistake had been made this past election, Canadians have reason again to feel merry this Christmas. Despite plunging temperatures, Kevin O’Leary has nothing but shade to offer Justin Trudeau, as he made clear on Monday when he met with apx. 30 Tory MPs at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.

“It’s going to be war, it’s going to be ugly, you’re going to hear a lot of bad things,” O’Leary foretold. “I have to know you have my back if we’re going to start this. That is what I’m asking for.”

O’Leary shares reality TV and business credentials with President-elect Donald Trump. Although he has let his hair expire naturally, he seems to share Trump’s prowess for social media.


O’Leary explained to the MPs in attendance that this social media presence would be a prominent aspect of his campaign.

“I’m going to use it. It’s going to be aggressive. It will be challenging sometimes, and it will not be business as usual.”

This is proven to be a winning strategy for Trump, who has been able to circumvent Legacy Media outlets, speaking directly to the public via Facebook Live and his infamous Twitter account.

Under the headline “Recharge the Right”, O’Leary spoke at the Manning Centre conference in Ottawa this past February. He said he’d hold a national referendum on pipelines and would have the government pursue a better, “market” deal with Bombardier, the aerospace firm that he pronounced “the worst-managed aerospace company in the world.” Sound familiar?

“I hope to make this a nightmare for politicians that think they can continue wastefully spending our money.” O’Leary injected between rounds of applause during his presentation at the Manning Centre conference.


Famous for his direct language on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and CBC’s “Dragon’s Den”, O’Leary seems poised to tap into the awoken masses who are frustrated with the constant stream of PC nonsense (lies), being fed to them through Legacy Media for decades. He’s not nice, but many Canadians are developing a toothache from their sugary sweet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“He is a fine surfer dude. And this is an excellent adventure for him, but he is killing our country,” O’Leary said of Trudeau.


If Trump is any indication, Kevin O’Leary should make Canadian politics exciting for the first time since Jean Chretien received a pie to the face. Through social media leverage, bypassing fictitious Legacy Media, and speaking directly to Canadians, Justin Trudeau may end up being nothing but chum to O’Leary.

Many Canadians would already call him a chump.


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