The Artistic Tastes of Tony Podesta and his 2000 lb Sculpture

1 year ago

Many of you are familiar with Tony Podesta’s attraction to bizarre and violent artwork featured in this video, including the sculpture by Louise Bourgeois that depicts a headless victim of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer that hangs prominently in his home.

In a 2004 article  from titled “When Art and Politics Meet” Tony Podesta and then wife Heather Miller discuss purchasing a 2000 lb sculpture from artist Louise Bourgeois, although it is unlear if the article is discussing this sculpture or one of her other works.

Read an archive of the article here:

Further down the article Tony Podesta names a few up and coming artists he would like to collect works from, including Patricia Piccinini. Like many of the artists that Tony Podesta admires, her artwork depicts vulgar and sometimes violent scenes involving children. There seems to be a disturbing pattern when it comes to the artistic tastes of Tony Podesta.

Yes, you could certainly argue that this is just art. People can listen to violent music or mob movies and not be psychopaths and murderers. There is also no way of knowing if Tony or John Podesta acquired large pieces similar to the pieces by Patricia Piccinini pictured above or if he just admires her work. People often say it’s difficult to say if art imitates life or if life imitates art. This is one of those situations where either answer to that question would be horrifying.