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“Hate hoaxes”, as they are being called, are crimes in which people fake a “hate crime” or “bias crime” with the intent to slander a group of people (statistically white males) and validate the victim status of those perpetrating the hoaxes. Some might call them small scale false flags that are given maximum impact thanks to the participation of the Legacy Media in promoting the lie. These hoaxes strengthen the narrative and increase the likelihood that future hoaxes will be believed and also perpetrated again and again. When found to be hoaxes, the coverage is minimal. Some outlets keep hosting the original story and never correct it, or if they do the correction is below the large bold face and false headline.

This is yet another of the seemingly endless examples of the Legacy Media’s hubris or flat out deception in their crusade against so called “fake news” in their effort to distort or defeat the 1st amendment. Below is a collection of  “real news” stories that turned out to be hoaxes:

12/12/16 Denton, TX – David Williams

The Hoax: Claimed racists set fire to his truck and motorcycle and vandalized his home with racist slurs.

What Really Happened: Williams later confessed he faked the incident himself.

11/1/2016 Greenville, NC – Andrew McClinton

The Hoax: Trump supporters firebombed a black church just days before the election.

What Really Happened: Police arrested Andrew McClinton, a member of the church, after the election for arson.

11/11/2016 Philadelphia, PA – William Tucker

The Hoax: Spray painted cars and local businesses with racial slurs and pro-trump messages after the election.

What Really Happened: Tucker was arrested for the crimes after police received a tip.

12/14/2016 New York, NY – Yasmin Seweid

The Hoax: Claimed Trump supporters harassed her on the subway, gained national attention from the Legacy Media.

What Really Happened: Police discovered she made the whole thing up to avoid punishment for staying out too late.

11/11/2016 Ann Arbor, MI – University of Michigan Student

The Hoax: University of Michigan student claimed she was forced by a drunken white male to remove her hijab or he would set her on fire.

What Really happened: After investigating, police say the student made the entire incident up.

11/10/2016 Lafayette, LA – University of Lafayette Student

The Hoax: Claimed white males in Trump hats assaulted her and took her headscarf. The story went viral.

What Really Happened: Police discovered that she fabricated the entire story.

12/8/2016 Garden City, NY – Jaskirat Saini

The Hoax: Racist whites painted “KKK” and swastikas onto buildings at Nassau Community College.

What Really Happened: Police discovered Jaskirat Saini had been faking hate crimes on the campus for months.

11/10/2016 Bowling Green, OH – Eleesha Long

The Hoax: Claimed 3 white men assaulted her. 

What Really Happened: After investigating police determined the incident was fabricated.

11/15/2016 Malden, MA – Unnamed man

The Hoax: Man said two white men threatened to lynch him.

What Really Happened: Police have not yet released the man’s name but say he has admitted to making it up.

11/10/2016 San Francisco, CA – Frederick Roeber

The Hoax: The Nazi flag is flown in San francisco Neighborhood.

What Really Happened: When confronted, Roeber said he flew the flag in protest of Trump.

11/10/2016 Minneapolis, MN – Kathy Mirah Tu

The Hoax: Kathy Claimed to have been attacked by white men and then detained by police after beating the racists.

What Really Happened: Minnesota police confirmed the incident never happened Tu then deleted all of her social media accounts.

11/10/2016 Rehoboth Beach, DE – Ashley Boyer

The Hoax: Ashley claimed that four white men approached her and threatened her with a gun unprovoked at a gas station.

What Really Happened: Police concluded that Boyer made up the story.

11/16/2016 Williamstown, MA – 2 Williams college students

The Hoax: College was vandalized with blood and racial graffiti written in blood.

What Really Happened: 2 students (names not released) were found to have vandalized the building “in protest of Trump”.

11/14/2016 Chicago, IL – Taylor Volk

The Hoax: Volk claimed she received threatening emails and notes taped to her door and car.

What Really Happened: Chicago Police determined that Volk was writing the notes herself.

11/10/2016 Elon, NC – Elon University Student

The Hoax: Social media exploded with hysteria at this message written on a whiteboard.

What Really Happened: Turns out it was a hispanic Hillary supporter who wrote the note as “satirical comedy”.

11/9/2016 Wellesley, MA – Wellesley College Students

The Hoax: Two students drove a truck around the Wellesley College campus with a trump flag after the election. They were charged with harassment when students claimed they were yelling racist slurs.

What Really Happened: An investigation that included video of the incident concluded they were shouting “Make America Great Again” and not racist slurs or homophobic remarks.


Credit to Reddit user onewallee for tracking down the news sources.

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