Is Legacy Media Trying to Cover for Pedophiles?

1 year ago

Recently there seems to be a trend in the Legacy Media to bury or even delete stories related to pedophile arrests, like the story about a pedophile ring in Norway that involved 47 people so far including members of the elite, lawyers, and politicians:

Washington Post article that was removed


New York Times

Not only was this story scrubbed from the Washington Post, ABC News and the New York Times all on the same day, The New York Times also published a conspiracy theory claiming that a new trick of the Russians, the same Russians the Legacy Media will tell you run our news site and the same Russians that the Legacy Media blames for the election results, are now going around planting child porn on people’s computers.

In addition to promoting this conspiracy theory, perhaps to prepare the public to accept the idea that even finding child porn on someone’s computer can be explained away by blaming Russians, some media outlets are even beginning to publish stories sympathetic to pedophiles in what seems like an effort to remove the stigma from pedophillia.

One of Legacy Media’s aging stars, Stephen Colbert took to the airwaves to mock people that have an interest or are participating in the controversial #PizzaGate investigation. Of course, Colbert never directly addresses any of the facts nor does he disclose that in an email released by Wikileaks it was revealed that he takes marching orders from Craig Minassian, head of the Clinton Global Initiative. In an email dated April 10th 2013 Minassian emailed John Podesta to ask him if he had a chance to see the two special episodes he “had them do” about the Clinton Global Initiative.

The entire episode was just one big PR stunt to promote the Clinton’s various foundations

and a commercial for Twitter. Because, when it comes to the Legacy Media, even their fake news is fake. How’s that for some “thruthyness” Steve?

These false accusations of fake news are an all out attack on free speech and are being used as an excuse to censor the internet. The Legacy Media and the elites who own them are losing control of information and they know better than anyone that information is power.  and now that power is yours.

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